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Pantry Diaries: five

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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ve giving you all the decorating essentials to make sweets for all your sweeties.

What would a cupcake be without the frosting and sprinkles? A muffin. The answer is muffin. Dec-out your baked goodies with these vegan-friendly brands. Don’t let your cookies and cakes go naked!


Give your whole pantry a vegan makeover! Check out the essentials in Chapter One, Chapter Two is so Fall, Chapter Three is a flavor maven, and Chapter Four unlocks the secrets to great vegan baking.



Hot Cocoa season is upon us. Top your drink with a handful of marshmallows, but be careful… not ALL marshmallows are vegan. Non-vegan marshmallows are made with gelatin which is made from animal by products, believe it or not. We’ve rounded up the best vegan marshmallow brands so you can snack safe on s’mores and sweet potatoes.

A few of our favs:

1. Dandies: Original Vanilla Marshmallows ($3.99)

2. Sweet and Sara: Vanilla Marshmallows ($11.30)

4. Smucker’s: Marshmallow Topping ($2.00)



Sprinkles are not always vegan for the same reason marshmallows are not. It’s that darn gelatin, and also some inorganic dyes. No worries! There are plenty of great vegan sprinkles out there, and they come in all of the fun shapes and colors other sprinkles come in, too.

Sprinkle these over your favorite desserts:

1. India Tree: Natural Sprinkles ($4.95)

2. The Baker’s Kitchen: Confetti Shaped Sprinkles ($2.99)

3. Sweetapolita: Rainbow Sprinkles ($9.00)

4. Sprinkelz Confetti Style ($2.49)

5. Sprinkelz Chocolatey Sprinkels ($2.49)


*Top off our fav Holiday Sugar Cookies with these amazing sprinkles!



Hey, Sugarpie! Buying sugar for vegan recipes can take some digging and label scanning, but the results are worth it! Sometimes labels are not the best way to tell if sugars have not been filtered through bone chars. Because no residue is left in the product, the manufacturers are not required to label it as such. To avoid question, look for sugar labeled as organic, or just buy from our favorites.

Check out these by CHLOE. approved brands:

1. Wholesome Organic: Cane Sugar ($3.95)

2. Navita’s Naturals: Coconut Palm Sugar ($4.95)

3. Sugar in the Raw, Unrefined 32 oz ($3.55)



There are surprisingly few vegan frostings and icings are available to buy online. But lucky for us, it’s not hard to make! Try this easy frosting recipe perfect for topping off a delicious vegan cake and our recipe for vegan icing your favorite vegan cookies! Go ahead, wow your friends with your creations. Bake on!