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We’re big fans of random national holidays, because why not enjoy a random opportunity to celebrate life? So when we heard about National “Take a Walk in the Park Day”, we were intrigued to say the least!

Hiking is something we always hear our friends in Cali doing, but why don’t we take more advantage of all of the amazing parks and hiking trails so accessible from NYC?

Whether it’s a short walk in your neighborhood park or a weekend excursion to the mountains, grab a friend, a good water bottle, and some Travelin’ Snacks, and get movin’.

Here’s some of our top picks for hiking trails…



Wave Hill

Looking for a beautiful walk/hike close to home? Check out Wave Hill in the Bronx. This is a top spot to visit during the spring, and super easy to get to.

There’s beautiful gardens, a cultural center, and an awesome view overlooking the Hudson and Palisades.

How To Get There: Take the Metro North to Riverdale Station or the 1 Line Subway to W 242nd Street and then grab the free hourly shuttle to Wave Hill. Or take the BxM1 or BxM2 express buses, they let off just a few blocks from the park.

Best Trail: Take the garden highlights tour or walk the Abrons Woodland Trail.



Bear Mountain

Forget a simple walk in the park. At Bear Mountain, there’s hiking, biking, picnics, fields, swimming, boating, and an awesome carousel.

Located along the rugged mountains on the west bank of the Hudson River, you get gorgeous views of the river and even the city to the south. The best part? Its only a quick bus or train ride outside the city.

How To Get There: Take the Metro North Train to Manitou (1 hour) and walk across the bridge over the Hudson to the park.

Best Trail: Check out this trail guide for great options. We recommend the slightly challenging Perkins Memorial Tower trail for some killer views.


Mt. Beacon

Looking to make a weekend out of it? Mt. Beacon offers great hiking trails, beautiful woods, killer views of the Hudson Valley, renowned art, and an adorable little town.

There’s 3 main trails offering you options for a short, medium, or long hike depending on your schedule. A weekend trip would be perfect for taking a long hike and also checking out the Dia Art Foundation and the acclaimed dining scene in town.

How To Get There: Take the Metro North to Beacon Station. Then either walk 2 miles to the trail or hop in a cab or Uber.

Best Trails: Take the 3 hour 4.4 mile hike to overlook the town and the fire tower.


Harriman State Park

Harriman is a huge park just north of the city featuring over 200 miles of trails and 31 lakes. The lakes and amazing vista views are seriously scenic, so don’t forget your camera.

If you’re feeling bold, grab your tent and stay overnight in one of the camping sites. This way you can wake up early and get a head start on one of the popular long hiking trails. Otherwise, go for the day and enjoy one of the many shorter hikes with equally amazing views.

How To Get There: Take the New Jersey Transit train to Tuxedo Station. Take a quick half mile walk and start your hike.

Best Trails:  Take a walk along one of the many lakes for picturesque views and a perfect picnic backdrop.




No, you haven’t travelled back to the past or gotten stuck in Dirty Dancing or the Shining. That really is a beautiful Victorian castle resort you’re hiking by.

This trail is part of the Mohonk Mountain House resort above Lake Mohonk. There’s beautiful gardens, pristine wilderness, and historic landmark status buildings.

Stay at the resort for a weekend getaway or just visit the grounds and purchase a day pass for $26 to access 85 miles of beautiful winding trails.

How To Get There: Take the Adirondack Trailways bus to New Paltz or rent a car and get there quicker.

Best Trails: Sky Top path to the Tower offers amazing views from the observation deck. They claim you can see 6 states on a clear day.


Hook Mountain

Hook Mountain is part of the beautiful Palisades park system along the Hudson River. You’re guaranteed a great hike and some beautiful views.

There’s one long path named (you guessed it!) “Long Path” that’s a total of 12 miles, but you can take varying lengths of circular hikes along the mountain and even great bike paths along the river.

How To Get There: Take the Rockland Coach bus from Port Authority to Rockland Lake

Best Trail: Take part of the long path or be bold and bring a bike for the bike trail.



Breakneck Ridge Loop

Ready for some serious hiking? Check out Breakneck, where you’ll climb a steep ridge for some stunning views of the Hudson Valley.

This trail is legit, so wear good shoes and be ready to use both hands and feet as you climb. There’s some great panoramic views throughout the hike, so take a break and soak them in before continuing on.

How To Get There: Take the Metro North to Breakneck Ridge Station (trains come less often, but closer) or Cold Spring Station (trains come more often, but a short walk).

Best Trails: This trial is a large loop that takes about 3.5 hours. In some of the steeper sections there are alternate route that offer a slightly easier ascent – Take those.


Devil’s Path

Definitely not for the beginner, Devil’s Path earned its name by being one of the most dangerous hiking paths in the Northeast. The 25 mile hike takes you a rapid series of inclines and descents on five of the Catskill’s highest peaks.

You can cut the trail up for a day trip or camp overnight and do the whole trail. If you’re an avid hiker and love camping, this is definitely right up your alley.

How To Get There: Driving is definitely the way to go when getting to this remote trail.

Best Trail: Check out Indian Head Mountain for a more manageable day hike.


**Looking to do a hike, but your friends just aren’t the outdoorsy type? Check out Hudson Valley Hikers, a free meet up group for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore the Hudson Valley.