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5 TIPS For Daily Mindfulness

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FROM MNDFL Meditation Studio

In honor of National Stress Awareness Day, we’ve partnered with MNDFL, New York City’s premier meditation studio!

MNDFL founder, Lodro Rinzler has shared with us his tips on how to be more mindful and centered in your daily life.

Learn a few helpful tips to help take a step back, refocus your energy, and connect with the world around you. The stresses might not disappear completely, but we promise it will help!

Check out Lodro’s 5 tips, which he recommends doing before eating a meal to fully enjoy the experience. To learn more about MNDFL and meditation, check out our Q+A with MNDFL Co-founder and CEO, Ellie Burrows.


1. Right now, set a timer for five minutes. Feel the weight of your body on the earth. Raise your gaze to the horizon. Connect fully with the natural cycle of your breath. When you drift off into thought, simply acknowledge that by gently and silently saying, “thinking” to yourself. Then return your attention to your breath. After those five minutes, taste your food. See if you are more able to enjoy it now.


2. When you sit down to eat your next meal, pause before diving in. Smell it. Gaze at it. Appreciate it. Then slowly take your first bite and really take the time to taste it. Continue to actually bring your full attention to your meal for as long as you can.


3. There are little red sticker dots you can buy in any stationary store. Place them at eye level around your house. Whenever you see one, pause. Treat it like a mini STOP sign. Connect with your body. Take a breath. Then continue on your way. Notice if, before your next big meal, you catch yourself pausing before diving right in.


4. When you wake up in the morning, set an intention for your day. Think of a quality you would like to cultivate, like kindness, compassion, or generosity. Then map out your day – how can that quality manifest in the things you have planned? Enter your day inspired to bring that quality into all of your activity, including your meals.


5. Pause right now. Feel the weight of your body on the earth through your feet or butt. Establish a strong connection to the ground beneath you. Lift up gently through your spine. Relax the muscles in your neck, shoulders and back. Notice where you are holding tension in your body and let those muscles relax. Take three deep breaths. Return to your meal.