Overhead shot fo hummus, carrots, celery, almonds, pecans, and popcorn

Healthy Food Swaps

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Switch It Up

Sometimes you want to eat something delicious, but just don’t want all of the calories or artificial flavors… It’s the constant battle between delicious and healthy!

Well, it doesn’t always have to be a battle. Sometimes healthy is ALSO delicious!

We’ve rounded up our favorite ways to swap out foods for healthier and delicious options. Time for a healthier snack time, dinner, and even dessert!



1. Try veggies with your hummus instead of pita bread for a healthier snack. Make it beet hummus for a super healthy twist.

2. We LOVE kale chips! Does that make us basic? We don’t care. They’re delicious, and the perfect substitute for greasy packaged chips. Add nutritional yeast to homemade chips for a cheezy twist.

3. Crackers with peanut butter might be a staple snack stemming from childhood, but we’re trying apples with almond butter for a protein-packed and seriously delicious alternative.

4. Get this – Popcorn is a healthy snack! This is not a joke. Skinny Pop only has 39 calories per cup. That sounds like the perfect snack.



1. Mashed potatoes, and potatoes in general, are most people’s Achilles heel. It’s just so hard to resist that delicious creaminess (we make ours with Vegan Cream Cheese and vegan margarine for some serious flavor). Replace your mashed potatoes with cauliflower for a surprisingly delicious and super healthy alternative.

2. By now you probably know of our obsession with Vegetable Spaghetti. Why endure all of the carbs of real pasta when you can substitute vegetables for more flavor and less guilt?

3. We all know and love us some Asian lettuce wraps, so why not take that lettuce and apply it to all wraps, sandwiches, and buns? Our gluten-free friends have been doing this for years, and it’s a great idea.

4. Replace croutons in your salads with heart-healthy roasted nuts. We particularly love using these Sweet N’ Spicy Candied Pecans.

5. Try makings some alternative hot dogs made with delicious roasted veggies. We call them Hot Diggity Dogs



1. We’re huge fans of pie, but acknowledge that maybe it’s best left for special occasions. For a daily dose of delicious pie flavor, bake or microwave apples with some cinnamon and raw agave nectar.

2. Our favorite new Instagram fad? Nice Cream. It’s literally frozen bananas with a few things mixed in, but somehow it tastes and eats just like real ice cream.

3. Doing some baking this week? Sub out your vegan margarine for mashed avocado. It packs heart-healthy oils and gives everything from brownies to cookies a delicious richness.

4. Substitute dates blended with hot water for sugar in baking for a more natural sugary flavor without using sugar itself.