Matzo Ballin’

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Passover Gag Gifts

Did you know there’s a gift giving component on Passover? Not many people do!

Here’s a little explanation for those that don’t…

The Passover Seder is all about retelling and reenacting the story of the exodus from Egypt. You know Moses, “Let my people go”, and all that jazz. This is done by following lots of traditions, blessings, and rituals in a specific order throughout the evening.

The meal starts off with blessing the first cup of wine (we’re talkin’ Manischewitz, ya’ll), washing hands, and eating the green vegetable. Then our favorite step is breaking the Matzo into three pieces. The middle piece of the Matzo is special. It’s reserved as the “Afikoman” and hidden by the head of the household, to be eaten for dessert.

At the end of the meal, all of the guests search for the “Afikoman” and whoever finds it receives a sweet gift! How’s that for a little incentive?

For those celebrating Passover this year, we compiled a list of silly gag gifts (all Passover themed!) for you to share with your friends and family. Whether they find the “Afikoman” or not, show your loved ones your playful side this Passover. Check ‘em out below:



Keep all the baby cousins and kiddos happy with some seriously fun activities. All that time sitting still can be rough, they deserve a little bit of fun and games. And who doesn’t want to punch a giant inflatable Pharaoh?!

1. Inflatable Matzo Ball ($6.99)

2. Inflatable Pharaoh Punching Bag ($39.99)

3. Matzo Ballin’ Baby Onesie ($17.99+)



Treat your dad, grandpa, or another wise old sage to these fantastically kitschy accessories. What would look better at their next black tie affair than Matzo cuff links and bow tie? Bonus points for guilting them into wearing them.

1. Matzo Ball Soup Cuff Links ($28.00)

2. Matzo Bow Tie ($18.00)



Everyone has that eccentric aunt or grandma who just truly enjoys the outrageous. Treat her to some awesome earrings or a hilarious book the whole group can enjoy!

1. Passover Matzo and Seder Earrings ($28.00)

2. Yiddish Wisdom Book ($14.95)



Some people are just hard to buy for, but we’ve found some amazing gifts that could make even the most boring person laugh out loud. Excuse us while we go buy this comical toilet seat cover….

1. Oy Vey Flask ($58.00)

2. Let My People Go Matzo Print Toilet Cover ($19.95)

3. Wind Up Walking Matzo Ball ($3.75)