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Goin’ Raw

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We tried it + so should you!

We’ve always been told about the wonders of a raw vegan diet. Raw vegans have basically convinced us that it’s the diet equivalent of a miracle.

People eat raw as a way to be healthy, lose weight, eat more fruits and veggies, and even as a method to cure certain diseases. Without giving too much thought into what we were getting ourselves into, we thought we’d give raw a try.

So how did our experiment go? Let’s just say it wasn’t easy, but we can seriously see the benefits.

Here’s what we learned…



First, you’re probably wondering, “What the hell does eating raw mean?” No, it does not just mean eating salads all day. Trust us, it’s not pleasant.

Basically, eating raw means not eating anything heated above 118°. The goal is to preserve the “life force” of the food. To us, the “life force” simply means the good stuff.

Raw foods are chock full of nutrients and enzymes, so it makes sense that raw dieters avoid processing or potentially harming those nutrients.



We decided to give it a try to see what kind of amazing health, digestion, and energy boosts we would get from eating raw. Since we’re beginners to this whole raw thing, we started out with the basics.

Breakfast – Turns out the easiest raw breakfasts are already things we eat – smoothies and oats! Try our recipe for this delicious Energy Boosting Smoothie Bowl to start your day right, or soak oats overnight in your favorite non-dairy milk for an easy breakfast.

Hey, maybe this raw thing isn’t so tough!

Lunch – One of our favorite go-to lunches is a delicious salad. Chances are, most salad ingredients are raw, but be sure to check. Those croutons, unfortunately have to go. Try making a salad with fresh greens and our delicious Winter Citrus Vinaigrette (good all year!).

Dinner – Breakfast was easy, lunch was the usual, dinner should be easy too…. Oh wait, what should I eat? Another salad would just be boring AND who wants to eat that many greens in one day. This is where eating raw gets tough, but also super interesting. Try a delicious raw soup by blending your favorite veggies OR a raw veggie noodle dish – test out our Walnut Pesto with spiralized zucchini (aka Vegetti)! Feeling a little more adventurous? Try our delicious and surprisingly easy Raw Pesto Pizza.

So that was a bit more complicated than we thought, but not so bad and surprisingly substantial.

Dessert – You’ve eaten super healthy all day – you deserve a treat! Stay away from the cake, and don’t touch those oreos! …Now what? Enter stage left, Nice Cream! We told you about our love of Nice Cream (a healthy version of ice cream made from frozen bananas), and turns out, it’s raw friendly and delicious! Looking to make something more intense? Check out this Chocolate Mud Cake from @Rawspirations.

We did it! A full day of raw eating AND it was delicious!



So, our experience with eating raw was delicious and not extremely hard, BUT we’re definitely not thinking about taking it up full time.

We can see why so many people are choosing to eat raw these days. With all of the amazing health benefits, we are absolutely incorporating raw choices into our diets more and more. Eating raw helps you feel healthier and gives you a natural energy boost that you can’t get from over processed and heavy foods that weigh you down.

Our challenge to you is to give raw a try. Do it for a day, a week, or even a month. Dedicate one day a week to raw eating, or do a challenge with your friends!