Health-Ade’s Ginger Kombrewcha

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Serves 1

A cocktail made with a healthy drink like kombucha might seem counterintuitive. But more often than not, most calories from a night (or day!) of drinking come from the mix-ins.

With that in mind, we love Health-Ade’s idea of making a delicious cocktail with a healthy mixer. Probiotics and cold-pressed juice + alcohol = the perfect summer drink.

Check out our Q+A with Health-Ade’s CEO and Founder, Daina Trout, to learn more about kombucha, and what makes Health-Ade so delicious.


3 oz lemon ginger kombucha

3 oz saison or hefeweizen beer

1 oz dry vermouth

3 sleeves herbal bitters (try Ms. Better’s Bitters)


Cool a glass by placing it in the freezer.


Pour beer and kombucha into cooled glass.

Add the dry vermouth and bitters to taste.

Stir to thoroughly combine.

NOTES + Serving Tips

Garnish with a slice of lemon.

Serve with cheese and crackers to start a meal right!