Wine + Cheese Please

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The Perfect Pairing

There is nothing that goes better with wine than CHEEEZEEE. But for many of us, that pairing just wasn’t an option… until now!

Vegan cheese shops have been popping up all over in recent years, making some excellent alternatives. In the past, vegan cheese has always been kind of soft and one note, but with new techniques and innovation, we’re seeing all kinds of varieties pop up.

That variety creates the perfect opportunity for wine and vegan cheese pairings. We’ve selected our wines, visited the vineyards, geared up with swag, and even made dessert. Now all that’s left is the cheese to match.

You can find some great varieties of vegan cheese at your local health food store or even online, but the best place to find vegan cheeses for your cheese board is your local artisanal vegan cheese shop. Our local go-to is Riverdel.


We selected 5 delicious cheeses to pair with a variety of wines. Here are our choices and how to pair them:



Pair with: Rosé

Think of this like you would a goat cheese. It’s got some tang, and the pepper crust gives it an interesting punch.

We recommend pairing with a complex rosé. The soft tanginess will go well with the acidity of the wine, and the pepper will bring out the depth.



Pair with: Tempranillo

This is a medium soft round cheese featuring some seriously delicious spice. You’ll find little bits of peppers inside giving it an interesting look to match its unique flavor.

We recommend pairing with a tempranillo. The spicy fruitiness of the wine will pair perfectly with the spicy peppery flavor of the cheese. Because this cheese packs so much flavor, be sure to pair with a strong wine that can stand up to it.



Pair with: Bordeaux

This soft blue cheese has a nice creaminess, perfect for spreading on a cracker or eating with grapes.

The creamy texture and bright flavor would pair well with a fresh, acidic Bordeaux wine featuring cabernet sauvignon grapes. Look for a Bordeaux labelled “Medoc”.



Pair with: Sauvignon Blanc

This vegan cheese is by far the most cheese-like with its harder texture and aged flavor. This bad boy is aged in white beer to give it a crisp citrus flavor.

The citrus flavor in this cheese would pair well with the bright citrus flavor of a glass of sauvignon blanc.



Pair with: Shiraz or Merlot

The smokey goodness of this cheese reminds us of gouda. It’s delicious, a nice texture, and we’ll be making grilled cheese with it ASAP.

But before we do that, we’re pairing with a rich shiraz or merlot. The strong smokey flavor will work perfectly with these deep, tannin-rich, and slightly spicy wines.


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