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A Real Breakfast of Champions

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Bringing Breakfast Back

Breakfast – It’s dubbed the most important meal of the day for a reason!

We love a good Bloody Mary as much as the next person, but we’d recommend real food as your own breakfast of champions.

We’re big supporters of the meal – eaten morning, noon, or night! Breakfast for dinner is an under-appreciated gem.

With that said, we’ve compiled all of our favorite breakfast dishes – sweet, savory, healthy, and more. Leslie Knope would be proud…



Your average weekday breakfast should probably involve some form of health-benefits. A breakfast high in protein and fiber and low in sugar will give you the energy to start the day strong without the crash and inevitable 11am hunger.

We turn to Healthy Food Swaps and go-to’s like oats, bananas, and smoothies to get us through the morning. Try our super simple Chocolate Pistachio Overnight Oats which can be made ahead and easily transported when you’re running late to work.

This Espresso Banana Bread recipe relies on flax, coconut oil, and bananas to power your body, while espresso power kick-starts your brain for the day ahead.

Try a smoothie bowl for another delicious and super healthy breakfast. We love this Energy Boosting Smoothie Bowl.



Looking for a sweet treat for a weekend breakfast in bed or serious treat yo’ self moment? We’ve been caught eating sweet breakfast treats for afternoon snacks, dinner, and even dessert.

Channel your inner chic and transport yourself to Paris with some delicious Crepes. Finish with a drizzle of hazelnut chocolate spread for a sweet treat.

Our favorite breakfast treat is definitely Waffles. They’re great on their own, delicious with loads of toppings, and can even be made into breakfast sandwiches. They also make a perfect Brunch Party treat, confirming our love of breakfast all day, err day.

Cinnamon Rolls are definitely one of the more amazingly indulgent ways to eat your breakfast. We add some pumpkin flavor to kick up our seasonal cinnamon rolls at Sweets by CHLOE. As if cinnamon rolls weren’t already perfect…



For those without a sweet tooth, we acknowledge that breakfast can sometimes be a little too sugary. Good thing we’ve got some great options for savory breakfast delicacies. These recipes can be eaten any time of day, so grab those forks.

The most important breakfast basic to have perfect is a good scramble. Our Tofu Scramble is delicious and super quick to make.

Our Sweet Potato Hash makes a surprisingly healthy savory breakfast treat. Sweet potatoes are packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C and fiber, while coconut oil boosts the heart.

We’re drawing from our St. Patty’s day menu for some Irish Soda Bread. This delicious bread can be served year-round. Top with a delicious jam or almond butter for a healthy morning meal.


*No matter the breakfast we choose, we always pair it with coffee. Check out our Q+A with Devoción Coffee’s founder, Steven Sutton. Don’t like coffee?? Check out our delicious ideas for Coffee Alternatives, here + here!