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Q+A with Co-Founders, Cindy DiPrima Morisse and Kerrilynn Pamer

We’re always looking for great natural skin solutions that make us feel great inside and out. That’s why we were so excited when we first visited CAP Beauty.

CAP Beauty is a spa and natural beauty destination in the West Village founded by Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse. Their philosophy is “Beauty is wellness and wellness is beauty.” We couldn’t agree more!

Kerrilynn and Cindy are passionate about wellness and design and hope to share those passions with the world. They’ve found all the most healthful, effective and natural products to help customers reach their most beautiful, radiant self.

We sat down with Cindy and Kerrilynn to share more about CAP Beauty. If you’re looking for some natural beauty solutions, check out their 5 Picks for Summer Skin.


by CHLOE.: Introduce yourself. 

CAP Beauty: We are Cindy and Kerrilynn, and we are the Co-Founders of CAP Beauty. We’ve been friends for almost 20 years and share a love of wellness and refined, inspired living.


bC: What inspired the creation of CAP Beauty? 

CAP: A few years back, Kerrilynn started selling a small selection of naturals at her clothing store Castor & Pollux. Around the same time, she was diagnosed with Celiac, and shortly after I introduced her to Kris Carr (best-selling author and wellness activist) who has been really influential to both of us. Between cleaning up her products and cleaning up her diet, Kerrilynn saw her skin transform. It dawned on her that New York had no retail destination, no single inspiring store for discovering the best new natural brands. She told me her idea and I wouldn’t let it drop! I pretty much willed her to let me be her partner.


bC: What sets CAP Beauty apart from other beauty destinations? 

CAP: We take a truly outside-in and inside-out approach to beauty. And we know that true and radiant beauty stems first from vibrant health. We stock only products that are 100% natural and focus on nutritionally dense ingredients. Both for the products we ingest and the products we put on our skin.


bC: How do you feel that beauty and wellness are connected?

CAP: How are they not?! We really believe at the core that there is nothing more beautiful than vibrant health. Taking great care of ourselves is really the number one thing we can do to look and feel beautiful. A healthy body truly vibrates at a higher frequency. It radiates and attracts.


bC: What choices can we make to promote wellness in our lives? 

CAP: Obviously what and how we eat plays a huge part in this. That can mean different things to different people. At CAP we promote a nutrient rich plant-based diet. We encourage everyone to avoid foods that cause inflammation and most of all to eat with intention. If you are someone who struggles with a particular skin issue like rosacea or acne, we would strongly suggest trying an elimination diet to see if there is an underlying allergy. And definitely have a look too at what you’re putting on your skin. Your products should be filled with nutritionally dense and minimally processed ingredients. Think of your skincare like you think of your diet. Exercise is key too not only for physical health but for mood and mindset. Most of all we believe in focusing on the good. When we add enough good habits into our lives, the bad habits tend to fall away.


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bC: What does “natural” mean to you? 

CAP: We get this question a lot and “natural” can be a really confusing term. Technically, we believe a product is natural if it contains no synthetic ingredients. (In truth, the line between a natural or synthetic ingredient is not as easy to draw as we’d like it to be.) But more importantly, we are far more interested in what’s IN our products than what’s NOT in them. For us, natural beauty is about flooding our bodies with clean and healthful ingredients, the power of plants and radical self-care.


bC: How has the world of natural beauty grown over the years? 

CAP: It has really blown up. There are so many brands doing incredible formulations that are science-forward, anti-aging and simply gorgeous. It’s no longer a compromise or something you have to seek out in a food coop or yoga studio. Naturals really are the modern choice.


bC: We love the design of your space. What inspired you? Did you work with a designer? 

CAP: Kerrilynn and I are both obsessed with interiors and style. We knew the space had to be inspiring and gorgeous. After all, our mission is to get naturals into the hands of as many people as possible, and style can be so persuasive. We also took measures to ensure the space has a high vibe. We planted rose quartz under the floor boards and in the foundation. Sometimes, what you don’t see is as important as what you do. We worked with the brilliant architect Ann Foker of bspace and consulted with our dear friend, the designer Kimille Taylor who really helped us with the palette. It was truly collaborative and still is. The flowers are important too. We love big wild branches and Japanese-inspired arrangements.


bC: What is your most popular product or category in store?

CAP: We are really known for our ingestibles and superfoods. We started with just a few items, Reishi and Tocos from Sun Potion, bitters, The Beauty Chef and some flower remedies. They were all so popular from the get-go that we just kept adding. We now have a huge selection including the full Sun Potion range, tons of Moon Juice, Fire Cider, Matcha, Coconut Butter and more. GLOW from The Beauty Chef is our top selling product. We like to say, “Begin Within”.


bC: What are the top 5 products every girl should own? 

CAP: First, we recommend Omega 7 Pure Seabuckthorn Berry Purée from Sibu. Next is a good face oil. We love the Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil from Pai. It’s great for so many people and a good value. We love Leahlani’s Coco Infusion Body Oil. It transports you to the beach on contact. Hydration is key, so we recommend a hydrosol like Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin D Moisture Mist or for a splurge The Jasmine Garden from May Lindstrom. Finally, The Coconut Butter because it makes the most delicious tonic drinks and delivers great healthy fats.


bC: Where do you recommend someone start if they’re new to natural beauty?

CAP: We say, start anywhere. Get in wherever you feel inspired to. You’ll love the feeling and see results and will be back for more!


bC: What’s your favorite dish at by CHLOE.? 

CAP: Roasted Banana Bourbon Ice Cream!

KP: The Classic Burger and Gluten-Free Air Baked French Fries!


bC: What does “Eat well. Eat with purpose.” mean to you? 

CAP: This means everything to us. Our nutritionist Dana James always says to only eat beautiful food, and we couldn’t agree more. Eating is such a sensory experience. You should love what you put in your body and what you put in your body should love you back. When you eat well, you’re honoring yourself, loving yourself. And true beauty starts with radical self-care.


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1. Nickname? 

KP: Sparky

CPM: Mama (at least that’s what my kids call me)


2. Favorite place on earth? 

KP: Big Sur, California

CPM: Barnegat Light, NJ


3. Go to snack? 

KP: Avocado and Sauerkraut

CPM: Avocado with lemon on Moon Juice Fermented Green Crisps or a Rawmantic Bar from Lifethyme


4. Name one food you can’t live without? 

KP: Avocados

CPM: Lemons


5. Spirit animal? 

KP: A white wolf named Raphael

CPM: A red fox or sometimes, I think, a corgi


6. Weird personal fact? 

KP: I’m really good at ping pong and bowling

CPM: I was a figure skater


7. Favorite season? 

KP: Fall

CPM: Summer


8. Stranded on an island, what 3 things do you bring? 

KP: My husband, my dog and an eighteen wheeler filled with avocados

CPM: My husband and 2 kids


9. Top 3 Instagram accounts you follow?

KP: @davidnettosays, @julia_chance, @kaylaitsines

CPM: @alphafoodie, @pthepaul, @ofaire


10. Go-to workout? 

KP: Kayla ItsinesSky Ting Yoga and Karen Lord online videos

CPM: Yoga, Running, Tennis


11. Juice or smoothie? 

KP: Smoothie (lately)

CPM: Smoothie


12. Night in or night out? 

KP: Always a night in, I’m a total homebody

CPM: Both!


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