I’m On A Boat

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Summer Escapes Part 2

This Summer, we’re bringing you a weekly guide to Summer Escapes. Last week we sent you all the way to Montauk, but this week we’re staying a little closer to home.

For those weekends when you just aren’t able to do a full weekend trip, escape for a day or just a few hours out in the open water. This week we’re talking summer escapes by water.

We all know to take the East River Ferry to one of our fav Picnic Spots, Governors Island, and we love making the loop on the Staten Island Ferry for that view of Lady Liberty, BUT most people don’t take advantage of all the amazing boating adventures NYC has to offer. We’re an Island for goodness sake!

Here’s our guide to all the boaty adventures sure to help you find an escape, if only for a couple of hours…



No boating guide is complete without those of the boozy variety. Our pick keeps it (just a little bit) classy with a brunch cruise.

Hop on Spirit’s Eat, Drink, and B. Mary Brunch Cruise for some great views, sunshine, Bloody Mary’s and yummy food. For the full NYC boozy brunch feel, there’s a DJ on hand, and you can even reserve special tables if you choose.

The brunch cruise leaves from Chelsea Piers, so if you’re feeling bold afterwards, be sure to stop in for a round of bowling, golf, or more.



Because you don’t have to be on a giant boat to enjoy an escape, why not try out kayaking or paddle boarding? If you’re feeling bold, check out the FREE (you heard us!) kayak rentals at Manhattan Community Boathouse.

Check out the launch at W 56th St and Hudson River Park, then enjoy everything the park has to offer as you dry off (if you’re clumsy like us) post kayaking or just work off your sea legs.



We live on a series of islands, but when’s the last time you stopped to take in the nature and sea creatures? NY Water Taxi offers a series of Summer EcoCruises giving New Yorkers a chance to explore the wildlife in the area.

Choose from cruises of Jamaica Bay, Hoffman and Swinburne, or The Brothers Island to catch some great views of key landmarks, beautiful waterways, and local birds, learning all kinds of eco information from a helpful guide.



We love a good beach trip, but all those hours on the subway getting to the Rockaways can be a serious drag. Instead, we’re hopping on the Seastreak straight to Sandy Hook.

This super fast ferry takes you from Manhattan straight to Sandy Hook, NJ and even provides shuttles on Sandy Hook to take you to the various beaches. When you’re full of sand and overheated after a long day at the beach, there is nothing better than sitting inside an air conditioned boat sipping an ice cold water from the concessions booth.



Taking Booze Cruise to the next level, Hornblower throws Rock the Yacht party cruises. It’s a 3-hour dance party on a yacht. We’re always down for great views, DJs, open bars, and snacks, but we’re thinking this might be a good setting for a special event over your average Friday night.

Celebrating a birthday? Earn a promotion? Or doing a bachelorette party? Definitely add this to your Summer list!



So your idea of boating is playing with the remote-controlled sailboats in Central Park? No worries, there is still a boating adventure out there for you!

In our minds, sometimes the best boats are the stationary kind. We love the perennial NYC fav, Frying Pan, but there is a new player on the scene this year – Brooklyn Barge.

Docked comfortably in Greenpoint, you can chill out waterside with some drinks and tasty treats, never worrying about missing the launch or having to pull one of those legendary movie jumps onto the moving boat.