Summer Essentials Collage featuring star jeans, watermelon tote, sunglasses, unicorn float

Summer Essentials

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Summer Stylin'

After a few false starts, Summer is finally here!

A time of fireflies and warm evening breezes, Summer is one of our favorite seasons of the year.

With this beautiful weather comes celebrations, sun, sand + surf…and of course Summer fashion! We are all eager to celebrate the upcoming holidays with fireworks and barbecues, and last year’s swimsuit just won’t do.

Here is a list of some of the items that we’ve picked to make the most of one of our favorite seasons.



What would Summer be without a few choice pieces to really showcase the fashion trends of the season? Here are some of our favs we think make a great addition to any wardrobe.

1. Stella McCartney ‘Ankle Glazer Star’ Jeans ($416.00)

2. Squad Swimsuit ($99.00)

3. Free People Lace Racerback Bralet ($38.00)

4. Sneaker Espadrilles ($157.00)



No outfit is complete without accessories! Some well chosen pieces can really relax or elevate a look, making it easy to take an outfit from day to night, or just to showcase a little flair. Here are some fun and chic finds.

1. Wide Brim Straw Hat ($81.00)

2. Good Vibes Sunglasses ($51.76)

3. Watermelon Tote Bag ($18.00)

4. Daisy Chain Choker Necklace ($18.00)



As we all get ready to celebrate July 4th, a few snazzy decorations can take a party from ho hum to oh wow. Here is a short list of some decorations that will add pop and style to any celebration.

1. Beach Umbrella ($75.00)

2. Ice Cream Paper Decorations ($14.00)

3. Anchor Ice Tray 2 Sets ($19.00)

4. Watermelon Cocktail Umbrellas ($10.00)



Summer is a time to relax. But relaxation doesn’t only mean sitting poolside. Check out these fun activities to bring some fun to any gathering!

1. Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float ($99.00)

2. Flamingo Drink Holder Pool Float Set ($12.00)

3. Beach Paddles ($26.00)

4. Ping Pong Play On ($39.00)

5. Beach Flyer (Frisbee) ($15.00)



You know that saying, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”? We tend to agree. The perfect outfit deserves an equally well considered beauty regimen. Here are some items to round out your Summer makeup collection. Be sure to check out CAP Beauty’s 5 Picks for Summer Skin.

1. Kylie Lip Kit ($29.00)

2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Pool Boy ($10.00)

3. Too Faced Bulletproof Liner in Get Lucky ($22.00)

4. Dolly Love Soap Set ($35.00)

5. Missing Piece Soap Set ($25)



With sand and surf on the schedule for many of us this summer, here are some tech goodies that will bring some good vibes to your summer outings!

1. Drifter Outdoor Music System ($299.00)

2. Waterproofed Kindle ($240.00)

3. “I Will Survive” Portable Charger ($24.00)

4. Kate Spade Glitter Fruit iPhone 6 Case ($40.00)