A Weekend at the Cape

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Summer Escapes Series

It’s that time of Summer when the city turns into a sweaty mess… and It’s time to get out!

This week in our Summer Escapes series, we’re taking you to the hook-shaped paradise known as Cape Cod.

It’s possible that you associate Cape Cod with questionable cinematic choices (we’re thinking Summer Catch), sharks, or the Kennedys. But we’re bigger fans of the pristine beaches, excellent food, and lovely towns.

If you’re going to be in Boston anyways, or up for a road trip, you don’t want to miss a Summer Escape to the Cape.



The Cape may be a bit further away than Long Island, but that drive or boat ride is totally worth it for some serious Summer fun. Here’s how to get there:

Drive – That license is for more than just getting into bars, amirite? After a five-hour journey with amazing views, you’ll finally arrive at the Cape. Not bad when the destination is like a whole different planet…

Ferry  – Love living that boating life? There’s a ferry from New York to Martha’s Vineyard that takes about five hours and you can even bring a bike on board for ridin’ around the Cape. Now were talkin’!

Helicopter – For the quickest option, you can take a helicopter, but be aware it’s a bit pricey. Take a short hour and a half ride to Nantucket and from there take one of the many ferries to Hyannis, the hub of Cape Cod. Or, just splurge on a direct flight!

Fly – Take a quick flight up to Boston or Nantucket from the city. We heard Jet Blue even offers direct flights to and from Hyannis once a day during the Summer.



Cade Cod is a huge peninsula with all kinds of great hotels, resorts, and houses to fit all your needs. A stay on the Cape would not be complete without a visit to the beach, and there are some beautiful beach resorts for soaking up the rays and waves! Check out these great picks:

Ocean Edge – If you love to swim in the ocean and enjoy the idea of direct beach access, this is probably the choice for you. The beaches are warmer on this side of the Cape – perfect for us wimpier types who just can’t handle the freezing water! There are plenty of pristine sand beaches, and the town of Brewster is filled with cute shops and restaurants.

Wequasset Resort and Golf Club – For the more traditional beach resort feel, check out this sprawling five-star resort and golf course. Wequasset is located near Pleasant Bay, with plenty of recreational activities like golf or even yachting.

Chatham Bars Inn – This is the destination for the water obsessed! It has a private beach, shuttle to Cape Cod, and access to the National Seashore. There’s cranberry bogs (!), sailing, kayaks, paddle boats, and more!

The Shady Hollow Inn – You’ll find a cozy and intimate stay at the cute Shady Hollow Inn. The Inn was the home to a former sea captain and built back in 1839, so it has that fun historic charm.

Airbnb – Looking for a place you can call your own for the weekend? Whether you’re looking for a group of friends, or a romantic getaway, there’s definitely a perfect place for you!



Every good vacay needs some solid eats. Cape Cod is a big peninsula but, fortunately, the restaurants and cafes we recommend are all centrally located. No matter your homebase, you’ll probably be right around the corner from one of them!

Green Lotus Café – Proud to be the first vegan/vegetarian restaurant on the Cape, the Green Lotus Café offers a range of yummy options. They’re located right in the heart of Hyannis, and offer home baked organic breads, delicious meals, along with smoothies and fresh juices.

Earthly Delights – If you find yourself in Osterville, you’ll probably want to swing by West Bay Road for some of the most creative and varied vegan/veggie fare in all of New England. We recommend the breakfast sandwich with vegan sausage and pepper jack cheese, and for lunch, don’t miss their Fakin’ Bacon Tempeh or the Tempeh Rueben!

Idgy’s Restaurant – For our gluten-free friends, Idgy’s is a great place to stop in for a bite. They’re centrally located, so be sure to stop by and load up on their breads and desserts for the rest of your stay in nearby Hyannis!

Buckie’s Underground Bakery – Don’t miss out on their amazing breakfast and lunch offerings! We’re fans of their vegan cupcakes and donuts, which may justify calling in advance for availability.



So now that you’ve made your way out to the Cape, dropped off your stuff at your hotel, and found some delicious food to get you going, it’s time for some fun! With miles and miles of sandy beaches, aquatic sports and other activities, you definitely won’t regret visiting this Summer playground. Here’s some of our fav things to do:

Cape Cod Trail – If you brought that bike from NYC on the ferry, this is where it pays off. There are 22 miles of paved trails along diverse marine and estuary ecosystems and beautiful beach views. The trail is riddled with restrooms, restaurants, and visitor centers, so don’t worry about coming prepared.

Beaches – Look at all those beaches. Look at them! Almost every town in Cape Cod has incredibly picturesque and easily accessible beaches. Go here for a nice list of public beaches sorted by location.

Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre – We know you’ve seen drive in-movies in, well, movies. But here’s one you can actually experience firsthand. This theatre is definitely worth the drive (pun intended!) We’re talking mini golf, yummy food, playgrounds (for the kids), drinks (for the adults), and newly released movies. Win, win, win!

Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge – If you’re like us, you love some plants and animals! This area has 7,600 acres of protected dunes and marshes (that’s about nine times the size of Central Park) and wow! – you can see more than ten species of birds nesting on the island chain that makes up the Refuge!

Cape Cod Windsurfing – Need an adrenalin fix? Based out of North Falmouth, on the southwest corner of the Cape, Cape Cod Windsurfing offers all kinds of aquatic activities, including jet skis, kayaks, pedal boats, and of course, windsurfing for some heart-pumping excitement. Something for everyone!

Whale Watching – Live that lifelong dream of freeing willy and go watch a whale do its thing. Trips leave multiple times daily from Provincetown.