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Urban Gardening Guide

We’re huge fans of fresh herbs, produce, and natural remedies. We love the abundance of farmers markets and stores throughout the city, but sometimes it gets a bit frustrating spending big bucks on things you could totally grow on your own.

Having a little planter box or indoor garden has always been on our list, but for some reason, we’ve just never gotten around to it. But this week, we were inspired by our Summer Remedies (and a bad sunburn…) to grow our own aloe plants.

Aloe has some seriously amazing skin benefits, AND it’s super easy to grow. That got us thinking… What else do we love that is easy to grow?

The answer? Kale and herbs.

If you haven’t noticed by our menu, we have a little obsession with kale. And we always find ourselves wanting to make a delicious recipe but realizing we don’t have an important herb. We briefly toyed with the idea of growing avocados to supply our guac obsession, but quickly realized an apartment just won’t cut it for those trees…

So, we set out to grow some herbs, kale, and aloe. We’re sharing our journey with you so you can do the same!

Here’s how to plant your own urban garden:



It turns out aloe is known for being one of the easiest plants to grow. All you brown thumbs out there, rejoice!

Find a nice window that gets plenty of sun – South and West-facing windows tend to be best. Buy a small pot that drains well (we like this one), and fill it with cactus potting soil mix. Buy a baby aloe plant from your local garden store or market and plant it in the soil.

Aloe is super easy to care for because it doesn’t need much water. Wait until the soil is super dry before watering, then water just until the soil is a little damp. With some sun and just a little water, your aloe will grow quickly!

When your plant gets big, you can start picking off leaves to use. Be sure to pull from the outside and not get any of the roots.

Chances are, your plant will start creating separate baby plants that are perfect for repotting and giving as gifts!



The solution to your kale obsession has arrived! No more $10 bags of kale chips for you – you can grow and make your own.

At your local garden store, pick up some kale seeds (we like curly kale!), a nice pot that’s 6-10 inches wide, and some potting soil.

To plant your seeds, all you have to do is fill the pot with potting soil, plant 3 seeds right in the middle, and cover with about ½ inch of soil. Water super well every day.

Place your kale in a nice sunny spot, and you’ll get giant kale leaves sooner than you think! Be sure to harvest the leaves on the outside to keep the center nice and healthy.



The idea of an herb garden is a home cook’s dream. It always sort of scared us, but turns out it’s pretty darn easy.

There are plenty of Summer heat-loving herbs out there that will work perfectly in a hot sunny window.

Find yourself a small herb garden planter with separate sections for each herb, and a really good draining saucer. We really love this super cute set.

At your local garden store pick up some seeds or just some baby plants of your favorite herbs. Basil works well in sunny summer months, and so do thyme and oregano. Other times of year you can try chives, mint, and even rosemary.

Plant your seeds or plants in small pots with premium potting soil. Keep them watered regularly, but only so that the soil is moist (not wet). Keep the herbs in a bright place with at least 4 hours of daily sun. For your best herbs, fertilize once a month. We like this natural fertilizer.


So get planting, everyone! Delicious and useful fresh ingredients are only weeks away.