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Summer Reads

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For Pool-side, at the Beach, or at home

We’ve given you the perfect drink to go with any summer meal, the perfect playlist to complement your summer soirées, and now we’re giving you the perfect wind down… Our guide to summer beach reads to match every relaxing summer getaway.

Every Summer plan calls for a different type of book. Whether you are sitting by the pool, baking in the sun, or snuggled up in your bed on a rainy day there’s a book out there for you!

Consider some of our picks below as a substitute for that Netflix binge. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


When you’re feeling dangerous:

The Girls by Emma Cline, 2016

You’ve probably heard of this recent release that totally lives up to the hype. The “girls” are modeled after Charles Manson’s famous cult, whose followers committed brutal murders for him in the Summer of 1969. This is not for the faint of heart – with sex, drugs and mysticism, all rolled into one. But if you’ve ever felt the need to misbehave, this book is right up your alley.


For the rainy day:

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, 2015

We’re super excited that this book is being adapted into a movie starring our fav Emily Blunt. This mind-bending novel flips between three connected women’s lives. Rachel – an alcoholic obsessed with her ex and a couple she sees every day on her commute, Megan – one half of that beautiful couple, and Anna – the wife of Rachel’s ex. Rachel’s alcoholism collides with her obsessions, and as a reader you join her as she falls down a thrilling rabbit hole of their complicated and connected lives. OH, and did we mention there’s a mysterious murder involved? Talk about rainy day excitement!


Perfect with a glass of wine:

NICE is Just a Place in FRANCE: How to Win at Basically Everything by The Betches, 2013

From the blog betches, which sometimes reads as a stream of consciousness of judgmental women, comes a book that reminds you that it’s OK to be judgmental sometimes. They hilariously describe this book as “how to deal with your problems when you have no problems.” Since that describes no one, dive into this with an open mind and a glass of wine. NICE is Just a Place in FRANCE is sometimes more honest than women are with themselves, and challenges modern feminism by pointing out reality. If you’re easily offended, stay away, but the betches, like Queen B, want you to ask – “Who runs the World? Girls.”


For a good laugh:

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer, 2016

This woman has been busy! If you haven’t encountered Amy Schumer by now, here, we’ll see you in half an hour. Her comedy is unafraid and her new memoir follows suit. She’s come to be known for her progressive vision of what it means to be a woman in America, but here she also looks back on her childhood and family, giving a glimpse into how she became the leading female comic she is today. It is the age of women in comedy, and Amy Schumer’s new book can’t be missed.


When you need a little magic in your life:

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts I & II by J.K. Rowling, 2016

Middle School you, rejoice! J.K. Rowling is back and unwilling to let Harry Potter have a boring day job. Harry’s years as a Ministry of Magic employee just aren’t the cake walk he deserves, and his lovely son, Albus Severus, struggles to live up to the family legend. Jump back into the magical world you love! Be sure to catch the play if you’re in London.


If you’re looking for an escape:

The One & Only by Emily Griffin, 2015

If you loved Friday Night Lights and enjoy Emily Griffin’s book turned movie, Something Borrowed, you’ll love this book. There’s football, there’s tragedy, and we loved following the main character’s journey. If you’ve ever had an experience that forced you to question things you had long relied on, you’ll definitely relate to this book.


For an awesome modern classic:

Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann, 1966

Ever wondered what NYC was like back in the day? How our parents or the generation before us partied? The scandals?! It’s the 50th anniversary of this modern classic and loads of people are picking it up again for a glimpse of the sex, drugs, and crazy life of NYC in the 1940s-60s. You won’t want to put this one down!


Perfect by the pool read:

It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After by Andi Dorfman, 2016

OK, so not all of these reads will find their way into the Library of Congress. If you’re into the Bachelor or Bachelorette (c’mon is Jordan really there for the right reasons?), this tell-all from a contestant on Season 18 of the Bachelor and the main gal on Season 10 of the Bachelorette, will give you a deeper look into the on and off screen consequences that come with reality TV infamy. You’ve had a rough breakup, right? Did it lead to record Nielsen ratings and magazine covers? Andi Dorfman calls herself “the superstar of [her] own major sh*tshow.” Sounds like this one is a must!


When you’ve had enough family time:

Mother, Can You Not? by Kate Siegel, 2016

Siegel writes, “There is nothing more wonderful than a mother’s love. There is also nothing more annoying.” If that sounds like it could be about someone you know, you’ll love these stories from the author of @CrazyJewishMom on Instagram. We appreciate her honesty – how can your biggest cheerleader also be your biggest critic? But from stories about stealing cats to awkward trips to the gyno, Siegel reminds us that there’s love behind it all.


Great for gaining a little perspective:

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, 2016

Step out of your comfort zone and go along on a journey with Gyasi that teaches you a little bit about history and adventure. In Homegoing, the 26-year-old Gyasi chronicles three centuries of a family from Ghana. It spans continents, eras, and still maintains the immediacy of family and present.