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Our Instagram streams are filled with them, we smash them on our toast, and we just can’t get enough guac on our burgers. We’re talking Avocados. If we could be best friends with food, we would choose avocados. And avocado shortages just can’t stop us from loving them!

We’ve been known to loudly proclaim our love of avocados, and even wear them on our sleeves.  We’re rockin’ avos at the beach, the gym, and even on our feet!

They’re delicious to eat and super versatile, but they’re also healthy and packed with nutrients! Whether it’s on our toast, in our guac, or as a hair remedy, avocados are forever obsession. Learn why avocados should be your new bestie and how you can incorporate more avocado into your life.



For decades, people thought all fat was bad. The adorable avocado was lumped in with all those yucky bad fattening foods. Now we know that avocados have a different kind of fat – one that’s actually good for you!

The monosaturated fats in avocados are the heart-healthy fats that help with cholesterol, and promote longer healthier lifestyles!

Avocados also have high levels of oleic acid, a fatty acid that can potentially lower the risk of cancer, prevent flare ups of chronic diseases, speed cell generation, prevent infections, reduce inflammation, help weight loss, and even lower the risk of heart disease. Now that’s a lot of awesome potential benefits!

As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to delve into those avos, we hear they also have some of the highest levels of vitamin E and other antioxidant rich vitamins. These antioxidants help strengthen skin, hair and eyes, boost the immune system, and defend against cell damage.



Now that we have thoroughly convinced you that avocados can not only bring immediate but also potential long term health benefits, let’s talk how to use ’em.

We all know some basic ways to use avocados in our food. There’s guacamole, smashed avocado toastdressing, and even ice cream. But have you ever thought about using avocado oil in your cooking?

It’s one of our fav oils to use because it’s super healthy, light in flavor, and is the most stable of any oil. That means it won’t go bad in the pantry, it can be heated up to 520° without breaking down, and all those amazing nutrients stick in there even when cooked.

You can use avocado oil for wok cooking, grilling, roasting, in salad dressings, or just drizzled for healthy and delicious eats. Be sure to incorporate some avocado oil in to your diet along with the delicious fruit itself!



Avocado oil is gaining traction in the beauty community. We know and love our coconut oil, but avocado oil is also pretty great in its own right. It has all those antioxidants and fatty acids amazing for the skin, it naturally moisturizes and regenerates, all while still absorbing faster than most oils.

An easy way to try avocado oil in your skin regimen is by using it as a makeup remover. It moisturizes and adds nutrients as you remove your makeup. You can leave it on for extra moisturization or clean it off if the oil is just a bit too heavy for you.

We also recommend using avocado oil on your cracked feet, cuticles, and any other dry skin for some fast-acting moisturizing goodness.

We hear avocado oil has those same anti-inflammatory abilities found in its fruit even when used topically. Be sure to pack some avo oil on your next beach excursions to Montauk, Catalina, Cape Cod, or any other Summer destinations, because all that summer sun can call for some Summer remedies.



All those things that make avocado oil so great for your health and skin also make it perfect for your hair!

We love to use it as a leave-in treatment on those dry and frizzy hair days, as a deep conditioner after a long Summer in the sun, and even rubbed into our strands for a nice moisture and shine boost.

For more Summer Hair DIYs, check out our guide!


Now you have all kinds of great excuses to incorporate avocados even more into your life. Go now and avo-cuddle with your new besties, AVOCADOS!