Photo of Alchemy Guys: Guiseppe Maione, JD Gross, and Jesse Goldman

Chill by CHLOE.

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Q+A with Ice Cream Gurus Guiseppe, JD, and Jesse

by CHLOE. now has an in-house ice cream team and we couldn’t be more excited! The NYC favorite vegan ice cream makers, Alchemy Creamery is joining forces with by CHLOE.

You may have heard the exciting news about the launch of our new Sweets by CHLOE. bakery, and we’re so excited to share more about the brains behind Alchemy Creamery – the new Chill by CHLOE. team.

Guiseppe Maione, JD Gross, and Jesse Goldman have run Alchemy Creamery for 5 years, serving New Yorkers delicious artisanal vegan ice cream in scoops, push-pops, and sandwiches. As a staple at Smorgasburg, Governor’s Island, and countless other foodie favs, they’ve created some seriously amazing flavors with a perfect creamy consistency.

Joining the by CHLOE. team, Guiseppe, JD, and Jesse are bringing their amazing ice cream creations to by CHLOE. locations nationwide.

We sat down with Guiseppe, JD, and Jesse to learn more about about how they founded Alchemy Creamery and why they are excited to be working with by CHLOE.


by CHLOE.: Introduce yourselves.

Guiseppe Maione: We are Giuseppe (Founder), JD (Co-Founder), and Jesse (Managing Partner), the Alcreamists of Alchemy Creamery – now Chill by CHLOE.


bC: Explain your new role/collaboration with by CHLOE.

GM: We are going to be the exclusive suppliers of all things ice cream to by CHLOE.!  We will be creating a whole new line up of push-pops using the by CHLOE. baked goods and supplying our product to their stores.


bC: What inspired you to create Alchemy Creamery?

GM: Honestly, feeding my friends, family, and co-workers. Their reaction to what I was creating out of a tiny, at-home, 2 quart ice cream machine was my inspiration. Our company was created out of a desire to feed people amazing desserts, and that’s exactly how we have come to be recognized after five years.


bC: How did the three of you meet? What has it been like starting and growing a company together?

GM: JD and I met at the University of Connecticut where we both earned our BFA. After school we took a food themed road trip across the US and started eating out all over his native NYC once I moved here. He was really the first one to encourage the idea that we sell ice cream, not just my plan, to give it away to everyone we knew. Jesse I met through a friend and we instantly bonded over food, comedy, and concepts. Originally, he wanted to remain an observer, but after a few months, he came on board to help us out, and I couldn’t have imagined it working any other way. Growing and starting a company has been the hardest thing any of us has done. Period. We were married for five years. Imagine Three Men and a Baby, but the baby is a cooler of push-pops. Every decision had to be approved by at least someone else, communication (for how wide we can reach with the internet) was disastrous at times, and balancing a budget where three people have spending power is a nightmare. If it was not for the great ice cream and amazing support of our followers, we might not have made it this far.


bC: How did you learn to make non-dairy ice cream?

GM: The same way you get to Carnegie Hall…
Prologue – My family has owned restaurants for 30+ years. Food, in all its glory, is pretty second nature to me. Cut to 2009, When I first moved to New York, it was with friends that were gifted an ice cream machine for their wedding.   Being lactose intolerant, I saw this as a great way to experiment with ice cream I could actually enjoy. I began with making very French style custards for ice cream base. This helped me to understand what it was exactly that dairy-free ice cream should be emulating. Piece by piece, I would replace the core components with a dairy free alternative, until eventually we came to the blend of nuts we have today. Scientific method at it’s finest!


alchemy group 1


bC: Your non-dairy ice cream is so creamy. How do you make it so perfect?

GM: It’s mostly magic, but we can attribute the best parts of it to nature still. By blending cashew, coconut, almond, and hazelnut, we are able to create a very unique base for our ice cream. This helps us to create a gelato-like dessert without sacrificing any flavors, and also making us vegan and kosher along the way.


bC: You guys were staples at Smorgasburg for years. How did you choose to start selling your creations there?

GM: It’s humbling to hear that we were considered staples of the greatest food event in New York City. You never realize you are making history when you are a part of it. For us, it was just our jobs. We joined up with Smorgasburg in 2012 and even then it felt like getting accepted into the Harvard of Food. We had just heard about it from a friend in March, the same month we formally signed our company paperwork. We had nothing still. No kitchen, no equipment, no concept. I dropped off our samples, which were in mismatched Rubbermaid containers I had from home, and heard back from them three weeks later.  Our first day was May 20th, about 5 weeks from when they accepted us!  It was then time to rent a commercial kitchen, get paperwork in order, create a logo, figure it all out!  It’s been a trial by fire ever since then. Fortunately for us, we keep cool.


bC: We’re in love with your push pops. Where did you get the idea?

GM: There was a concept we were playing with that was cake wrapped in ice cream that we had served on a stick. It was a bit messy to say the least. JD thought back to the push-pops that were widely available from our youth and found a company that supplies them. From there, it was a few iterations before we came up with the push-pop design we have today.


bC: Can we expect push pops and some of your fan favs at by CHLOE. locations?

GM: Of course! There will be flavors exclusive to each location! Also, seasonal offerings we will be working with the amazing team of chefs to create.


bC: What is your favorite flavor or flavor mashup you’ve ever made?

GM: We did a block party in Brooklyn a few years ago where we created a Jameson Whiskey Ginger ice cream for a party they were hosting. People still ask us about that flavor!  My personal favorite is a Red Plum & Ginger. We make only one batch every year in August and I pretty much eat half of it. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.


bC: What’s your favorite dish at by CHLOE.?

GM: Quinoa Taco Salad. A hands down, solid lunch, every time.


bC: What does “Eat well. Eat with purpose.” mean to you?

Two parts, one thought. One should always eat well for your body. It is a key component in maintaining a happy self. Conversely, never be a glutton, eating when there is not a reason to. It is wasteful and negative for your mind and body.



bC: Nickname?

GM: The Alcreamist

Jesse Goldman: Bear

JD Gross: JD


bC: Favorite place on earth?

GM: Somewhere in the deep, deep woods

JG: Anywhere with good company

JDG: Aruba


alchemy guiseppe quote


bC: Go to snack?

GM: Gummies

JG: Pizza

JDG: Popcorn


bC: Cup or cone? (or push-pop? *wink*)

GM: Push-pop.

JG: Push-pop, since it has so many layers.

JDG: Push-pop, Always!


bC: Mix-ins or toppings?

GM: Mix-ins

JG: Toppings since I’m picky about my ice cream.

JDG: Caramel Sauce


bC: Cocktail of choice?

GM: Whiskey Ginger

JG: I am a whiskey drinker but specifically rye. Currently addicted to whiskey blackberry cocktails.

JDG: Vodka Soda, 3 Limes


bC: Top 3 restaurants (excluding by CHLOE. of course!)?

GM: Roberta’s, Red Rooster, Momofuku Milk Bar

JG: by CHLOE. (screw the rules!), Sal’s Pizza in Mamaroneck, NY, and Pat’s Hubba Hubba in Port Chester, NY

JDG: Morimoto, Carbone, and H&H Bagels


bC: Name one food you can’t live without?

GM: Pizza

JG: Pizza

JDG: Shawarma


bC: Kitchen appliance that you most identify with?

GM: 12” Chef’s Knife, versatile and indispensable. Beyond that, an emersion blender. They do a lot more than you think.

JG: Ice maker since I love being cold.

JDG: Waffle Iron


bC: Spirit animal?

GM: Phoenix

JG: Do Teddy Bears count?

JDG: Eagle


bC: Weird personal fact?

GM: You’ve seen me in the “Sex and the City” movie with a faux-hawk.

JG: I never get lost, ever. Addicted to tattoos.

JDG: I have a lifelong goal of becoming Mayor of NYC someday.


bC: Choice super hero power?

GM: Teleportation

JG: I am already as strong as a bear so I’d have to say flight. Nothing could be better than being able to fly over NYC instead of sitting in traffic.

JDG: Flight


bC: Kitten or puppy?

GM: Either, as long as they are a rescue.

JG: Puppies!!!!!

JDG: Puppy


bC: Gym rat or couch potato?

GM: Home gym.

JG: Gym potato? I recently had major back surgery and have a strict gym regiment and it has made me appreciate working out but I’m an avid netflixer.

JDG: Neither


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