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This week we’re talking about all things SQUASH. Or things that need to be squashed… like your bad habits. Don’t fret – we all have them. No one is perfect. And fortunately for us, one of the beautiful parts about life is that you can self-reflect and better yourself every single day. With that said, we’ve rounded-up some common patterns that most of us could work on or get better at. Read this article today… squash that bad behavior tomorrow.


It’s easy to be overwhelmed… work, social life, school, staying in touch with family and friends – the list goes on. And with the New Year just two months away, there’s no better time to get back your A-game in regards to making the most of your time. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get a new planner… or app… or commit to adding every event to iCal. Send your friends invites via Outlook – they are not just for business purposes. Yeah, we just said that. If you like the more tradition pen-to-paper route, we recommend the passion planner. Not only does it help you plan out your schedule, but it simultaneously allows you to think about your own personal goals. Plus, this is a Get One, Give One company. We loooove that.


Financial burdens are some of the biggest stressors in many people’s lives. Not only do we want to buy nice things (and delicious food), but we also have to pay rent, utilities, credit cards, debt, etc. BILLS, BILLS, BILLS. #amiright? The journey to freeing yourself of debt isn’t an easy one, but one easy, stress-free way to start is by saving 10 to 15 percent of your paycheck in your 401(k), IRA, or savings account. Check that box from the very first day; you’ll forget you ever did it and you’ll be saving $$ for the future. It’s a win-win.


Did you know that Americans sit an average of 13 hours a day? In between working and commuting, it’s easy to fall into this sedentary lifestyle, and that’s why it’s so important to exercise. GET UP & MOVE, PEOPLE. There’s so many different ways you can get a workout in these days – whether that means making a conscious effort to walk more, choosing the Google route that involves more steps, or trying new classes that are all the rage. There is always something that you can be doing that will improve your health. Plus, endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t… you know where I’m going with this one. WORK IT OUT.


We’ve heard it time and time again, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but they say it because it’s true! Eating breakfast helps give you that boost of energy in the morning. We need the (good kind of) fat, protein, and sugar to jumpstart our bodies and minds. At by CHLOE., we are no strangers to a great breakfast. In fact, we have a breakfast recipe master list already prepared for you! Or… just come into one of our locations to see how we get up and start the daily grind.


Mindlessly. Consciously. Out of boredom. Stress. Celebration. WE ALL HAVE SNACK ATTACKS. If you don’t, congratulations! You have a lot more self-disciple than we do. And it’s more than okay to treat ourselves to something absurdly delicious (like matcha babka *wink wink*), but constantly stress eating is no bueno for our bodies. Unhealthy snacking and stress eating can lead to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and other serious conditions. Try replacing any unhealthy, junk food in your pantry with some healthier alternative. But always keep emergency chocolate somewhere, that’s definitely allowed and encouraged.


As we get older, it becomes more and more important to take good care of our skin. Especially now that it’s getting colder, our skin will get drier. A proper skin care routine involves cleansing, correcting, hydrating, and protecting. Some vegan-friendly skincare brands we recommend are MyChelle and Thayers. And remember to put on SPF… all day, every day.

And just like that, you’re one step close to becoming a better you. Remember that you always have infinite opportunities to better yourself. Try new things, squash bad habits, practice self-reflection, and step outside your comfort zones. You’ll feel like the best version of yourself in no time!