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Q&A with Chef Candice Hutchings

We are so thrilled to welcome Chef Candice Hutchings AKA The Edgy Veg to the by CHLOE. family!

Chef Candice Hutchings will be collaborating with by CHLOE. to bring you even more delicious menu items and monthly specials at our by CHLOE. locations, and they’ll be sharing their cooking, health, and life tips with you right here on the blog.

Like us, Candice is on a journey to revolutionize the food we define as “vegan”. Fatigued by the options available to her as a vegan, she instead chose to re-purpose familiar favourites. Using popular foods as her inspiration, Candice recreates childhood cravings for an audience with sophisticated palettes and food-nerd obsessions with nostalgic fare.

We sat down with Candace to hear more about her passion for vegan eating and wellness. Check it out!


by CHLOE.: Introduce yourself. 

Candice Hutchings: Hi, I’m Candice from The Edgy Veg! I run a popular YouTube channel that breaks typical vegan stereotypes. We create awesome vegan recipes that include fast food copycats, comfort food and basics all with a comedic twist!

bC: Why are you excited to partner with by CHLOE.?  

CH: I have been a huge fan of the by CHLOE. brand and menu. I love the by CHLOE. philosophy and what the business stands for.

bC: What inspired you to become a chef? 

CH: When I first went vegan I had a hard time finding recipes that I enjoyed. I notice a hole in the vegan food and recipe market for comfort foods, so I started experimenting with popular substitutes and family recipes. I am a 100% self taught chef. I began sharing my recipes with friends and family and realized that you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy delicious healthy and cruelty free options. This is why I started my YouTube channel. I wanted to kindly convert omnivores through delicious food porn.

bC: When did you first decide to become vegan? 

CH: 7 years ago.

bC: Your food is so amazingly delicious and healthy. How do you manage to pack so much flavor into such healthy food? 

CH: Never skip on spices! I love exotic, aromatic spices, and find that a lot of vegan chefs are afraid to use them. I always look at the traditional technique of cooking non-vegan dishes, I notice the spices, and ingredients, and then adapt them to my vegan version.

bC: What’s your fav thing you’ve ever cooked? 

CH: My vegan Eggs Benedict is THE BEST THING EVER! My fiancée James is such a French food snob and even he loves it.


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bC: What’s your favorite dish at by CHLOE.? 

CH: Everything!? Haha My personal favorites are the Pesto Meatball Sandwich and the Quinoa Taco Salad.

bC: What does “Eat well. Eat with purpose.” mean to you? 

CH: Eating consciously can be delicious. Eat with the intention of making your body and mind feel good. You can only function as well as the fuel you put into your body.



1. Nickname? Edgy Veg

2. Cocktail of choice? Manhattan

3. Go to snack? Vegetable Chips

4. Name one food you can’t live without? All the Chocolate

5. Kitchen appliance that you most identify with? Food Processor

6. Spirit animal? Llama… quirky and awkward with a slight attitude. hehe

7. Early bird or night owl? Night owl 100%

8. Weird personal fact? I’m terrified of lake water.

9. Choice super hero power? The ability to pause time.

10. Dream getaway? Thailand or Hawaii

11. Kitten or puppy? Puppies!!!

12. Coffee or tea? Coffee! I cannot function without it.

13. Juice or smoothie? Smoothies! Fiber all the way!

14. Gym rat or couch potato? A healthy balance of both.