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What is Nitro-Coffee?

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6 Things You Didn't Know...

RISE Coffee Founder, Hudson Gaines-Ross, shares what nitro-coffee is and why we all should be drinking it.

RISE Coffee was founded with the goal of making good coffee great. Specializing in nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee, they create a ready to drink organic coffee that tastes like a latte without all of the chemicals or dairy.


Six Things You Didn’t Know About Nitrogen Infused Coffee

1. It is more delicious than any other coffee product on the market – because the process removes that sour, acidic flavor too common in coffee preparations.

2. It’s just coffee, water, and nitrogen with no additives, yet it tastes sweet and creamy.

3. It is 70% less acidic than standard coffee, making it taste naturally sweet as nature intended.

4. It has 1.7x the caffeine than regular coffee… Need we say more?

5. Nitrogen gives nitro-coffee its delicious froth, and also serves as a natural preservative, giving it a longer shelf life and delivering a true coffee flavor.

6. We have been told that nitro-coffee delivers caffeine to the body faster than traditional cold brew.