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What you might be chillin' on this weekend...

You don’t have to lie, we all know you’ve done it…Sitting on the couch or laying in bed and just binging on Netflix for hours on end, I mean how can you not? That’s the real question.

Once you find that one good show, it’s basically impossible to tear your eyes from the screen. And these days, there are so many to choose from!

We understand that finding a new show is no easy feat. Especially after you’ve had a month long affair with the one and only “Kimmy Schmidt”. Or maybe you cheated on Netflix with HBO and decided to see what all the fuss about “Westworld” is about…

Whatever the case may be, we’re here to make it easy for you to find a new show to watch this weekend. We hear it’s going to be cold and we are ready with blankets, s’mores and chili recipes, and a killer list of Netflix recommendations 🙂

Whatever you’re in the mood for…we’ve seen it all. So take a look, deliberate for some hours (just cap it off around 2 hours) and get started on something new for these winter months!


“The OA” Everyone is freaking out about this show. If you’re a fan of “Stranger Things”, you’re sure to love this dark, mysterious and kinda creepy Netflix original. 

“The Fall”

“Black Mirror”

“Orphan Black”

“Jessica Jones”

“American Horror Story”


“Once Upon a Time”

“New Girl” 

“Orange is the New Black”

“House of Cards”

“Master of None”


And if you’re stuck…there’s always…


“The West Wing” 

“Gilmore Girls”