Landscape photo of Brooklyn


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When we open by CHLOE. in a new city, state, coast, or neighborhood – we have to explore. Most times, that exploration comes with a lot of trying and tasting and drinking along the way. Walking in some unnecessary circles is part of the territory as well. First of all, don’t judge! We all like trying new restaurants and bars…and getting a little lost…

Secondly, we think the places that surround you speak volumes about said area. This is a really good thing because we found BANGIN’ bars in Williamsburg and we have great feels about our new venture in Brooklyn.

So let’s start talking about where you’ll want to cheers tonight, tomorrow, and this weekend –


27 Broadway

You know when your out-of-town friend comes to New York for the weekend and he/she kind of jokes about walking over the Williamsburg Bridge…but you can tell there is a serious undertone in there…? Well. Depending on what side of the bridge you are coming from, you can either walk over it or simply go say hi + take a nice Instagram photo then stealthy lead your friend to Donna.

A cocktail bar that is conveniently located right under the Williamsburg Bridge is definitely a place that you’ll love to bring guests. It has an all-white color scheme going on and it is covered in plants AKA this bar is bright and pretty and makes you feel like you’re on vacation. Hola from Mexi…Williamsburg!


168 Borinquen Pl

Let’s continue talking about vacation. Because…why not? Black Flamingo can literally transport you to Brazil. In case you have never been…this is a very VERY good thing.

This vivacious bar is divided into two very different levels – a vintage-feeling bar serving Latin-inspired, fully vegetarian small plates. And downstairs…is a full-on (usually Brazilian) dance party. Which means the Black Flamingo can serve many purposes. We can come here for drinks, dinner+drinks, dinner+drinks+dancing, dance party – the options are basically endless! We love options. And Brazil. And Caipirinhas. Check, check + check!


146 Broadway

From Mexico to Brazil…all the way to Austin! Baby’s All Right is the kind of bar you’d likely find in Austin with live music and good-no-fuss drinks and happy crowds. So when you want to mix it up from your regular roundup of weekend bars, try Baby’s All Right to experience a little bit of the south and a lot of fun.


113 N. 3rd St

We are pretty pumped that Radegast Hall + Biergarten is one of our new neighborhood friends in Williamsburg. As the weather warms up (or maybe it doesn’t) sometimes a v big biergarten is the perfect place to post up with friends on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.


80 Wythe Ave

Have you been to The Wythe Hotel yet? Why you ask?


Arguably, one of the best rooftops in Williamsburg, The Ides Bar at The Wythe Hotel is pretty wonderful. You may find a mixed crowd here (hey, tourists) and some pricey cocktails – you’ll also find beautiful views of Manhattan and perfect place to watch the sunset. If you go now, you’ll basically FEEL like your outside because there are GREAT floor-to-ceiling windows up there or make sure it goes on your list once the temps rise and the sunsets start later.


128 N 9th St

Hotel Delmano is one of those places that you go to once and immediately know how special it is. Next, you put it in your back pocket AKA you add it to iPhone Notes under “GO TO THESE BARS” and you pull it out when you want to impress someone. From the decór to the drinks to the speakeasy vibes – you know if you come to Hotel Delmano, you’ll have a fantastic time.


91 South 6th St

Loosie Rouge gets us and vice versa. With standout colors, thoughtful décor and great vibes – this is the kind of place that was designed to a T. You know this when… you want to take pictures of everything / stay for a while / try to make everything you own look this cool. You can start your night here with a tasty cocktail (great rooftop too when it decides to be springtime) or later on in the evening for more of a party atmosphere.


45 South 3rd St

Freehold is a cool space because it can be a work/hangout space by day and a bar/venue by night. However, you have to know that Freehold can get crazy crowded (sometimes with younger ones) on the weekends. Since it is a giant space that includes different rooms, a big outdoor area and a lot of room to play corn hole + other party games – you may find different situations and scenarios every time that you decide to go.


111 N 12th St

Up, up and AWAY! Okay…you’re not a character in UP (le sigh)…BUT, up on the 22nd floor of The William Vale you’re basically in the sky. Go check out Westlight, the bar, which basically gives you UNREAL 360 views out over Queens, Brooklyn and the east coast of Manhattan—even in the elevator vestibule…you’ll see some great sights.