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Who said this holiday full of candy and bunnies and egg hunts is just for kids?

Just in case you weren’t sure…we’re here to tell you that Easter as an adult definitely has it perks. From the egg hunt, to the yummy spreads + the candies to making some signature cocktails for your favorite peeps. We’re here to prove that adults are fun too. Especially when equipped with extra special festive things. Let’s make sure your Easter is RAGING!



Tequila Sunrise Mimosa

This is a surprisingly easy and fast recipe that all your friends will love. Not only is it extremely festive but ’s beautiful too!

The Fizzy Bunny Mimosa

We’re kinda obsessed with this original twist on the Mimosa. If this one doesn’t get you in the Easter spirit, we don’t know what will!

Death by Chocolate Martini

Okay, yes please!

Pomegranate Gin Fizz

This pastel pink cocktail is so cute and tastes even better.

Jello Shot Easter Egg Hunt

Place your jello mixture into plastic eggs and stick them in the refrigerator for 4 hours and enjoy a boozy egg hunt!



Bunnies might like carrots and cabbage, but we always make sure to have more than just veggies and greens for your human guests! We love these recipes for vegan Marshmallow Peeps and Roasted Asparagus w/ Meyer Lemon + Pine Nuts. Also, these Easter Sugar Cookies are sure to be a crowd-pleaser + in order to pump up the festiveness…check out the adorable supplies below –

Easter Cookie Cutters ($9.95)

Easter Bunny Spatula ($9.76)

Easter Plates ($38)

Easter Napkins ($25.50)

Silicon Peep Mold ($14.99)



Here are some of our favorite Easter candies, all 100% vegan!

DIVVIES Vegan Jelly Bean ($6.00)

Benny the Vegan Chocolate Bunny ($9.95)

Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs ($7.00)

Swedish Fish ($6.28)

This is a day for all of us to celebrate. It doesn’t take that much to shift the celebration into an older mindset. All you really need are a few good friends, lots of food, plenty of booze, and some loose rules to structure the day. HAPPY EASTER!