Overhead shot of banana pancakes topped with coconut flakes and goji berries on hand drawn banana backdrop

Banana Pancakes

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You know when you wake up in the morning and you want something delicious and fast and…fluffy like your pillows? Sometimes an easy breakfast is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks to our by CHLOE. Chef Contributor, Candice Hutchings, she made a few no-brainer modifications to the classic banana pancake recipe so you can enjoy what is quite possibly the best variation on pancakes ever.

We mean…c’mmmn–even Jack Johnson wrote a song about them!

It’s time to turn up the speaker, take out the ingredients and those super ripe bananas and get cookin’!

And if you really want to go for it…you can add some vegan scrambled eggs, breakfast poutine and some brunch cocktails into the mix!


1 ¼ cup all-purpose flour

1 ½ very ripe banana

2 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp sea salt

1 cup soy or almond milk

1 Tbsp vinegar

2 Tbsp coconut oil

½ tsp pure vanilla extract


1 banana

pure maple syrup

coconut flakes

goji berries


To save some time, mash the ripe bananas and set aside.


Combine the all-purpose flour, baking powder and sea salt in a bowl and whisk to remove any clumps.

In a large glass or small bowl add your non-dairy milk with 1 tablespoon of vinegar and whisk well. This will turn the regular soy milk into soy buttermilk!

Allow the buttermilk to sit for about 5-10 minutes, and mash the banana in a bowl or on a cutting board.

Add all of the ingredients except the mashed banana to the flour mixture, or add them all to a blender, and mix until smooth.

Add the mixture to a bowl with the mashed banana and mix until well combined.

Turn your griddle to medium heat. When your griddle is hot, grease with a tablespoon of coconut oil and spoon the batter onto your cooking surface. Flip the pancakes carefully when you see that the bubbles have stopped opening and closing.

Continue to cook until the other side of your pancake is cooked, and remove from heat.


Serve with coconut flakes, sliced bananas and pure maple syrup.

PRO TIP: If you want chunks of banana, follow the instructions posted. If you want a banana flavor throughout, add the banana to blender with the rest of the ingredients and blend to combine.