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Grab your friends, get your sneakers, and prepare to search—it’s time to find a new workout buddy!

Some people like solo sessions at the gym to destress (or be alone), but if you need a little extra motivation to get going…finding the perfect workout buddy (and the perfect playlist) may be just the trick!

P.S. you and your bestie can now exercise in style!

Here are some benefits of having a fit bestie…


When you have a gym partner, you are held more accountable for sticking to your workout schedule. You may not feel bad canceling on a treadmill, but it’s a lot harder to cancel on a friend! In addition, even on your off-days having a friend to exercise with you can give you that extra push to get on that elliptical and get moving!


When you have a partner-in-workout-crime, you’re prioritizing both your friends AND your health! At the very same time! You’re truly accomplishing two things at once and when personal time is limited…that is a wonderful thing.


A *fun* friend can be just what you need to make a trip to the gym exciting and oh so interesting. Sure, setting your alarm for (gasp) 7 am to head to the gym may not be ~ideal~ but it’ll be so much easier if you know one of your best friends is in it with you!



Now this part can be tricky…when you’re picking an ideal workout partner, you need to evaluate more than what first meets the eye…Here are some top-notch qualities to look for in your search for a fit friend!


You need someone who is MO’ AKA more motivated than you are who will actually go to the gym, without fail. We all have those friends who we know we’d blow off (mean, but true)… so make sure to pick someone who will hold you accountable instead of encourage you to skip out on scheduled workouts.


Okay so this is half-joke, half-not…we mean… a friend with a nice apartment gym is never a bad thing to keep in mind… if there is a gym accessible in your building or your friend’s building (this is like searching for gold in New York City) that’s a-mazing. If not, make sure that both of you have somewhere to meet that’s in the middle + convenient for both parties.


Now, this can be tough as coordinating schedules with anyone is no easy task—but as far as working out goes, you and your gym buddy need to have similar schedules to make this #fitspo relationship work! Try to figure out if you’re an early bird or a night owl, then grab a friend that’s on the same page!


We’ve all had that moment when we’re with a friend or new acquaintance and wonder, “when did he/she become the crossfit master?” There are definitely upsides to having a workout buddy who is a little more advanced and can help keep you motivated- just make sure you aren’t sticking with someone who is too lazy or too far behind you on the fitness train!  Finding someone on the same-ish level will help both of you get those toned bods!


Going to the gym can be HARD at times, especially those times that you just want to curl up in a ball and turn on some Netflix. For those times or the rainy days or the BLAH ones, find someone that brings all the positive vibes and that way, even on your BLAH days, you’ll have a person to put a positive spin on the sweaty situation! 


Overall, finding a gym buddy is no easy feat. And if you can’t figure out how to navigate the path to finding the perfect workout buddy, try Well Squad! WellSquad is an app/website that asks your fitness goals, favorite activities, location, and motivational levels to pair you with a partner with similar interests – it’s the perfect workout buddy matchmaking app!

While you’re on that mobile device you might as well follow some fitness gurus on IG and maybe pick out a new water bottle or some fresh gear that will make you want to wear it. Whether you like your alone time in the gym or you’ve been stuck in the same workout pattern for years – now is the time to find a fabulous fit friend and hit the ground running!