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Take me out the ballgame! But if you’re going to take me out to the ballgame…is there anything that we can eat once we get there?

Nothing says Summer quite like heading over to the nearest baseball park (especially FENWAY) and catching a ballgame. And we obviously want to participate in those wonderful summery activities…sans the hot dogs and nachos, which baseball is also known for…

HAVE NO FEAR! We’re here to tell you that vegan options do exist (thank goodness). And in honor of by CHLOE. Fenway, we did some research about what we CAN eat at the ballpark! Whatever you do…make sure to fill up before (and after) the game at our newest location (heh), but when you do catch your tummy rumblin’ from your seat, check out these options in Fenway Stadium!



Hop to the lower-level of the big concourse for some salads and fruit! Just demoed this year, Fenway opened up a build-your-own-salad AND fruit bar using fresh produce from its own rooftop farm. Sustainable AND healthy, check and check!

Dreaming of the brown bag lunch days? Us too. If you want to feel like a kid again, you can grab a PB&J, a bag of Lay’s and a water bottle to fill your belly with all of your childhood (or adulthood) favorites! Grab one at any of the vendors that offer kids menus 🙂


You don’t necessarily have to skip that burger stand because…you’re forgetting that almost ALL of the burger stands have the option of fries on the side! YES, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. Potatoes are vegan-friendly and…a crowd favorite so this delish option can be your ballpark go-to!


Little known fact…Fenway offers KIND bars throughout the park now! You are probably already familiar with these nutty snack bars, but KIND bars are healthy AND VEGAN as long as you grab THE COCONUT FLAVORS! These are perfect to munch on if you’re getting hungry between innings.


Need an extra kick (or swing) to make it to the last inning? Sometimes baseball games are looooong affairs. If this is the case, head to one of the many Dunkin’ Donuts to get your coffee fix!


PEANUTS, GET YA PEANUTS! Want a snack that you don’t have to leave your seat for? Look no further than one of the many famous vendors shouting “PEANUTS! GET YA PEANUTS!” through the stands.


A recent addition to the menu at Fenway…veggie burgers and dogs! YESSSSS! Now, you can swoop down to the Visitor’s Clubhouse Area to find these bad boys – just make sure that you place order sans buns (or ask someone) to ensure they’re vegan!
Even though navigating ballpark foods can be tricky, we hope some of these tips will help silence that tummy growl for a game at Fenway! And, HEY! If you’re still hungry post-game…swing by the NEW by CHLOE. Fenway! It’s literally steps from the stadium and completely full of tasty vegan eats and drinks! GAME ON!