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Energy Bars that Rock

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When you ain't got NO time

You’re a hustler. From work, school, kids and relationships (not necessarily in that order), you have A LOT on your plate. As much as we’d like every meal to be a sit-down, enjoyable experience to relax and properly fuel our bodies, life gets in the way.

We’ve all been there- your’e running on “E” and need something to hold you over until you can ransack that healthy-stocked fridge of yours, (or a by CHLOE. restaurant). You reallllly don’t want to have to sacrifice taste, or nutrition. But, you are sad and discouraged, because all the energy bars out there are either not filling enough, or packed with scary ingredients and TONS of sugar….It just ain’t fair.

Starve no more. We’ve round up our favorite energy bars for your on-the-go needs. We love how every ingredient on these labels are recognizable, and we can (probably) spell.

With minimal sugar and lots of fiber and protein, they are totally satisfying, and YUMMY TOO. We’re throwing these in our purses, office drawers and kids’ lunchboxes.




Naturally Clean Eats– Started by mom, pilates instructor and author, Jessica in sunny LA, these bars will hold you over for hours. We love both flavors- Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Peanut Butter & Greens.


Rickaroons– You’ll want to eat these tasty coconut bars for breakfast, desert and everything in between, but all of the 5 flavors contain less than 10 grams of sugar. The creators, Rick and Grant (an adorable father-son team) are both health-conscience athletes that wanted a quick and energy-sustaining meal alternative.


GoMacro– These bars were created based on the idea of Macrobiotics, which is all about living a balanced lifestyle and diet, by paying attention to your body and it’s needs. We can totally get behind that mentality, and can’t stop eating our favorite flavor, Cashew Butter. NOM.


KindBars– Sometimes that pressed juice just doesn’t do the trick. You need a good chew. Vegan fruit bars by KIND are a great way to get your fruits in, and give you fuel before that afternoon workout.


Want to be the maker of your own energy? Try our recipe for Matcha Hemp Balls here!