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Hello Fall

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Horray for FALL! Maybe it’s the whole “back to school” thing, but this season inspires us to focus on our goals, and accomplish something BIG. Fall produce is looking fiiiiiiiine this year, and will help us stay healthy and motivated throughout the season.

Nosh on autumnal delights raw, boiled, cooked, roasted or baked. Say HELLO to yumminess ahead!



Ah yes, the famous superfood. sweet potatoes get a lot of hype, but the praise is well deserved (have you TRIED the air-baked sweet potato fries at by CHLOE?!). It’s hard to believe that sweet potatoes are good for you in all of their flavorful, creamy and rich goodness.

Give this savory veggie a sweet twist with our insane Sweet Potato Pancakes. Keeping with the breakfast theme, Sweet Potato Biscuits and Donuts are the perfect compliment to your morning cup o’ joe. Looking for something to warm you up on those brisk autumnal days? Our Sweet Potato Soup will do the trick. Try fancier variations like our Sweet ‘N Spicy Sweet Potato Soup, Spicy Poblano & Sweet Potato Chili and our Sweet Potato Red Lentil Soup. We could go on and on and on

Season’s greetings: These lil’ sweeties peak in October through December.

Hey good lookin’: Sweet potatoes should be firm and even toned. The darker, the more nutrient-dense!

Keep em fresh: Store them in a dark, cool place. Sweet potatoes take longer to cook through the center if they are kept too cold in your fridge.



Apples seem to get all the attention, especially in autumn. No one seems to care half as much about the apple’s lowly cousin, the PEAR! Soft and sweet, they’re great on their own, but also amazing cooked into dishes. Try our Beet Sugar Pear Steel Oats for a delish and healthy breakfast!

Season’s greetings: Pears are best beginning late Summer, through Winter.

Hey good lookin’: Choose pears that are soft to the touch, right under the stem. These ones will be the juiciest.

Keep em fresh: If you picked an un-ripe pair, allow it to ripen on the counter- not in the fridge, for the best taste.



You better beat it over to the beet aisle. This veggie livens up any plate with its beautiful purple color, and will brighten up your day due to its densely packed nutritional value (which includes fiber- important for keeping you full throughout your busy day). Our Maple Mustard Tempeh Buddha Bowl is all jazzed up with beets, and is not to be missed.

Season’s greetings: Beets can be found year-round but they are tastiest in the Fall. 

Hey good lookin’: Ready-to-eat beets are smooth and round, with a dark, saturated color, and on the smaller-side.

Keep em fresh: Beets will remain ripe if left in a cool place for a few days, but keep them in the fridge for up to 10 days if you are planning ahead!