Rice Krispies against pink backdrop

Peanut Butter Krispie Treats

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Makes 12 treats

Recipe courtesy of by CHLOE. Chef Contributor, Lauren Kretzer. 

Ah, childhood– we get nostalgic for those simpler times when Friday nights meant hanging with Danny Tanner and Steve Urkel, when jelly bracelets were oh-so-chic, and wellness wasn’t yet “a thing” so we could eat all kinds of junk food with abandon so long as we had some peas and carrots at dinner time. One of our favorite snacks from our elementary school days? Rice Krispie treats– you know, that gooey mixture of butter, marshmallows and puffed rice cereal that you probably had to forsake once you started, you know, eating more vegetables and less processed crap? Good news, guys– we couldn’t go another day without enjoying this treat again, so we remade it, veganized it, and yes, even IMPROVED UPON IT by swirling in peanut butter.

You’re welcome.

¼ cup coconut oil

4 cups vegan marshmallows (such as Dandies or Trader Joe’s brand)

½ cup salted smooth peanut butter

4 ½ cups puffed brown rice cereal (we like 365 Whole Foods brand)


Grease an 8×8 baking dish with nonstick cooking spray.

Set aside.


In a medium, heavy bottomed pot or Dutch oven, heat coconut oil over medium low heat until completely melted.

Add vegan marshmallows and cook, stirring often, until mostly melted (the melted marshmallows will not be completely smooth, but will not have a uniform shape either).

Add the peanut butter and stir into melted marshmallows until combined.

Immediately remove from heat and gently fold puffed rice cereal into the marshmallow peanut butter mixture until everything is completely combined.

Transfer the mixture to the prepared 8×8 baking dish (while still warm) and press down until evenly distributed.

Let cool completely, at least 45 minutes, otherwise mixture will be crumbly.


Cut into 12 squares and serve.

The Peanut Butter Krispie Treats will last 2-3 days when covered tightly in plastic wrap, unrefrigerated.