Red ice cubes with images of fries, pineapple, and peaches inside against a red backdrop

Disco Cubes

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Q+A with Leslie Kirchhoff

We’d like to be a fly on the wall inside of Leslie Kirchhoff‘s brain. That sounded kind of weird, but it’s true. One afternoon spent hanging out with Leslie in her Bushwick apartment (dreamingly flocked with 1970’s orange velvet couches, ferns and nostalgic golden accents) and it’s clear that she’s the type of girl that makes cool stuff happen. Literally.

Aside from being a photographer and DJ (maybe you’ve seen her spinning at a local spot in Brooklyn, or NYFW- if you’re that kind of girl), Leslie has recently added “entrepreneur” to her list of self-descriptors. Launching later this year, “Disco Cubes” turn any drink into a party, and are an “OMG THAT’S AMAZING” surprise to find in your glass. Leslie’s fun, quirky and personalized ice cubes are a necessary detail for your next event. They make an awesome gift, and on every other day, make your liquid in a cup way more interesting.

Leslie founded Disco Cubes while experimenting with ice in her kitchen. The lesson here? Allowing yourself time to daydream, play, and be curious might turn into something great…

Something as cool as ice.



by CHLOE.: Introduce yourself.

LK: Hi, I’m Leslie Kirchhoff. I’m a photographer, artist and DJ, and more recently, an entrepreneur—I’m launching a new project very soon, called Disco Cubes.

bC: What inspired you to start Disco Cubes?

LK: It actually all started with one ice cube. Three years ago I was doing some ice experimentation, and I wound up with something incredibly beautiful. I decided that I needed to make more, and make a business out of it, because nobody else was making ice exciting or artistic. Disco Cubes is also about so much more for me than the actual ice—I think half of the fun has been creating this dream world where the cubes come from. 

bC: As a DJ, artist, photographer and entrepreneur, creativity is kind of your thing. What are you inspired by? 

LK: I think nature and music are my two big inspirations. I have a vivid memory from when I was younger, standing on a frozen lake in Wisconsin and seeing a fish frozen in the perfectly clear ice under my feet. That’s honestly been a big inspiration for the cubes. I also love traveling to get new ideas. There’s really an endless supply of inspiration in the world, you just have to get out there and find it.

bC: What is one of the most difficult things about starting your own company? 

LK: Finding the time to do everything you want and need to do. 

bC: Oppositely, what is one of the most rewarding things about starting your own company?

LK: Being your own boss and making your own schedule. 

bC: Where do you see yourself, and your business in 5 years?

LK: I’ve always said that i dont like to ahve a 5-year pla, because you literally never know where you’ll be. So who knows! Somewhere great, hopefully.

bC: What is a piece of advice that you live by? 

LK: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” 

bC: What’s your favorite dish at by CHLOE.?

LK: The Mac n Cheese for sure. 

bC: What does “Eat well. Eat with purpose.” mean to you?

LK: Food (and ice!) should be fun and make you feel good!




1. Nickname? Lobster

2. Emoji that best describes you? 

3. Favorite place on earth? Wisconsin in the summertime 

4. Cocktail of choice? Negroni

5. Top 3 restaurants (excluding by CHLOE. of course!)? Indochine and Rubirosa in New York, and Momotaro in Chicago

6. Favorite food? Pizza

7. Early bird or night owl? Both, in phases 

8. Choice super hero power? Teleportation

9. Go-to workout? Meditation, or casual biking

10. Juice or smoothie? Smoothie

11. 3 objects you can’t live without? Camera, film, notebook

12. Whatcha readin’? “Letters to a Young Poet” by Rainer Maria Rilke