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Cornfields and dark woods aren’t the only places where spookiness can come alive. If you want to be creeped out this Halloween, look no further then NYC. The concrete jungle is home to some of the most haunted sites on the East Coast. Are dress-up and trick-or-treating not in the cards for you this year? We recommend taking yourself on a self-guided tour of NYC’s scariest haunts. You might want to bring a buddy, and some Halloween candy and treats for ghost-busting sustenance!


The Ear Inn– This bar in Tribeca is one of the oldest in the city, dating back to around 1770. Located only a block away from the Hudson River, sailors used to drink, eat and gamble the night away in between time out at sea. Mickey is the friendly ghost of an old sailor who used to frequent the pub. Spill your drink? Drink spill itself? You can blame Mikey for that.


White Horse Tavern– This bar on a cozy cobble stone street in the West Village is charmingly old-school (after all, it does date back to 1880). In the 1950’s it became a literary haunt for painters, musicians and writers to meet and exchange ideas (and consume excessive amounts of alcohol). One chilly night in November, the poet Dylan Thomas took it too far with 18 whiskey shots. He was taken to the Chelsea Hotel, and pronounced dead the next day at a nearby hospital. Patrons shouldn’t be surprised to see the ghost of Dylan drinking at his usual spot at the bar.


Hotel Chelsea– From the likes of Andy Warhol to Janis Joplin and Mark Twain, celebrities of every kind used to walk through the doors of Hotel Chelsea for a visit or stay. Countless books, songs and movies have included the historic spot, but not every story had a happy ending. Nancy, the girlfriend of Sid Vicious from the “Sex Pistols” was found dead in Room 100. Edie Sedgwick set her room on fire in 1966. The hotel has been closed for renovations since 2011, but it won’t be able to shake its sad legacy upon re-opening next year…


Washington Square Park– NYU students, you might not want to hear this. The fact that this park is haunted is kind of a bummer, considering by CHLOE. Bleecker Street is only a few blocks away. Around the time of The Revolutionary War, the grounds were used as a burial ground after a yellow fever epidemic. 20,000 bodies are supposed to be buried underneath this NYC tourist and local attraction. Mind your step….