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We like plants. We like to eat them, and we like to be around them. It’s not news that green, luscious plants are great accessories to any home. Plants make us happy by giving rooms color and life, and challenge our adult-ness when we forget to water them (whoops). Did you know that the benefits of plants are backed by SCIENCE?! Dorm, apartment, studio or home- you’re going to want to stock up on some new plant-friends (or give them as gifts!) after reading this.

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– Plants act as natural humidifiers. That means no more cracked lips and itchy eyes and skin- especially during the dry winter months.

– Plants also purify the air through photosynthesis! AKA, they absorb carbon dioxide (bad stuff) and release oxygen (good stuff), giving us more clean air to breath.



– Plant or Shrink? Studies show that plants help to reduce blood pressure, support feelings of relaxation, inner peace, and increase our attention span! Feeling blue? Get some GREEN in your life, ASAP!

– Like taking care of a baby or dog, caring for plants makes us feel valued and important! Our plants need us… don’t forget to water them, at least once a week (depending on the type).


Don’t just stare at beautiful Fall foliage, bring it inside! Want to know who agrees with us? Kelsie Hayes, creator of POPUPFLORIST has a thing or two to say about plants (and she definitely has more plant-friends than you)!