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Last Minute Holiday Party Hacks

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Party like Santa's Elves on December 26th...

It’s mid-December and your inner hostess is itching to hang the mistletoe and spread some holiday cheer. The only problem? You’re way too busy and your Pinterest dreams aren’t exactly lining up with the very limited amount of free time you have to plan the perfect fete. We’re swooping in with holiday party hacks to get you dancing ‘round the Christmas tree with your favorite humans in no time.

Article courtesy of by CHLOE. Chef Contributor, Lauren Kretzer. 



Start by decluttering the areas where you’ll be entertaining: your living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Get your stuff out of your guests sight by stashing stray books, coats, toys, shoes, etc. in your bedroom (no one needs to know how unorganized you might actually be).

Next, you’ll want to do some “Adulting 101”. Grab some all-purpose cleanser and wipe down any surfaces where you’ll be prepping or serving food/drinks (no one likes a sticky surface). Be sure to clean any sinks or toilets that your guests will be using, as well. Empty your bathroom trash, make sure there’s plenty of toilet paper on hand, and set out some clean hand towels.

Light some candles  to “set the mood” (holiday scented are a bonus, if you have ‘em!), and set out a few simple decorations, like a string of white twinkle lights over doorways or on a fireplace mantle. A bowl of whole pomegranates makes a beautiful, seasonally appropriate, and (best of all) simple holiday centerpiece.



If you have minimal time to prep for your party, do yourself a favor and immediately give yourself permission to keep the food and drinks simple (#NO #STRESS). Yes, your guests would love something to munch and sip on, but they’re likely not expecting a fine dining experience. An antipasto board of store bought vegan cheeses (we love Kite Hill and Miyoko’s), crackers (we like Bob’s Red Mill Nooch Crackers!), sliced baguettes, roasted red peppers, olives, and hummus is simple, hearty and pretty to look at.

For bonus points, whip up one of the easiest party apps on the planet: vegan Pigs in a Blanket! Here’s the ridiculously simple recipe: purchase Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (they are accidentally vegan!) and your favorite vegan hot dogs (we love Field Roast Frankfurters). Cut your frankfurters into quarters and roll each one in a triangle of crescent dough. Place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and bake at 350°F for 15 minutes, or until dough is slightly golden and puffy. Serve with spicy mustard and ketchup.

As for drinks, we’re partial to a DIY Sangria bar. You should also stock up on a few bottles of both red and white wine (we like a smooth Merlot by Chloe Wine Collection) prosecco/champagne (we’re recommend Thomson & Scott Skinny Prosecco) beer (2 bottles per person), some basic liquors. Major party foul if you forget mixers, and ice!

Now you’re ready to party! Fire up your favorite holiday playlist, slip into something festive and be merry!