Green Moringa powder

Moringa…ever heard of it?

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move over, matcha!

Palm trees are cute and everything, but can they do what moringa trees can do? Def not. The moringa tree was named “the worlds most useful tree” by scientists because of its crazy nutritious profile.

When it comes to the superpowers of moringa, there are too many to count! But we’ll tell you some anyway:

·      Even more anti-inflammatory than turmeric- move over golden milk!

·      Three times the amount of iron as spinach- hey, muscles!

·      Lots of protein, including 9 essential amino acids

·      A ton of fiber– no comment ?

·      The whole alphabet of vitamins (well, almost)! A, K, E, + calcium & iron

·      High in antioxidants- stay lookin’ young ladies and gents

Even more good news: it kinda tastes amazing! Companies are vamping up everything from nutrition bars, protein powders, juices, teas, kombucha, and snacks by adding in the powers of moringa. The simplest way to get the benefits of moringa is by adding powder to your fave snack or drink. Try sprinkling some magic into everything from smoothies, acai bowls, shakes, yogurt, coffee, to juice. Or whatever else strikes your fancy!

Next time you visit by Chloe., try adding it into one of our cold pressed juices or chia seed pudding!

PS. Pro Tip…moringa oil doubles as a magically nourishing and beautifying facial oil.