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Q+A with Ashley Wilking

Hitting things (in the safe environment of Rumble Boxing), is a good thing, for many reasons. There is nothing like throwing a few punches to release those work/relationship/daily-life frustrations. Boxing is an incredible stress-reliever, and fuels a sense of empowerment. It’s an even more amazing aerobic workout (hello, beach bod!). by CHLOE. loves to support any place that encourages a healthy and confident lifestyle, while incorporating fun and excitement. Through amazingly inspiring teachers, an intimate and motivating setting, and a super dynamic and effective workout routine, Rumble does this the best.

Rumble has secured a cult following (ahem, Haylie Baldwin, Bella Hadid and every other current top model), and is planning on expanding nationwide. We sat down with one of their most popular instructors, Ashley Wilking, who walked us through her athletic journey (she’s been doing martial arts since elementary school), and how mindful eating has helped her become who she is today.




by CHLOE.: Introduce yourself.

Ash W: Hi Team! Ashley Wilking here, but you can call me Ash. I’m a Trainer at Rumble Boxing and Nike Master Trainer based in New York City but originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. I like to consider myself a professional mover. I’ve been a athlete since I can remember– Starting with competitive swimming and Tae Kwon Do moving into varsity high school sports. My realm of athleticism expanded after moving to New York City, where I joined in on the group fitness  movement and competed in my first triathlons. But I wasn’t always on the stage. It wasn’t until I took my leap from corporate into fitness as a full-time trainer last spring that I really found calling!

bC: What inspired you to join the team at Rumble?

Ash W: I’ve been involved in some form of martial arts for nearly my entire life. With a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I love to tie my workout routines back to my childhood training. As one of the only females in my Karate school, I have always found it empowering to know how to fight and that I protect myself. Being able to join an incredible team where I not only stay involved with boxing, but help others find that same empowerment was a dream.

bC: You guys have a cult following. Why do you think your fans always come back for more? 

Ash W: People want to sweat and have fun…. Check. They want top notch facilities and dope vibes where they workout….. check, check. They want to listen to great music, they want to be challenged and walk out feeling empowered… check, check, CHECK!  It’s true Rumble is special, but it’s our clients and badass team that truly make Rumble what it it! That environment is unlike any I’ve seen. Taking a niche skill such as boxing and making it accessible to everyone. Our workout is different and fun, our team is legit and our community unmatched.

bC: What are the physical and mental benefits of boxing that one might not get from another workout?

Ash W: There is something so empowering (and stress relieving) about throwing punches!  Between the footwork, torso rotations and actual punching—Rumble is a the full body workout. By adding in strength training with weights we’ve created it’s your on stop shop for cardio and strength work!

bC: As an athlete, how important is diet and nutrition in your daily life?

Ash W: What we put in our bodies is just as important as how train them!! I always try to make the comparison that we’ll do almost anything for our workout in the gym—high cardio, heavy weights, burpees, sprints, maybe even doubling up on classes; but when it come to our diet don’t you dare ask us to give up dessert! Which is why I always challenge to rethink the way our food is MADE not the type of food it is. No, sugar in the form of chocolate cookie might not be best for our training. But raw cacao, healthy fats like avocado, coconut oils etc. actually benefit our workouts and recovery!

bC: Where do you see yourself, and your business in 5 years?

Ash W: If I’d look at my answer to question 5 year ago, I’d be amazed at how different my life’s direction went. I’m in a place I could have never have imagined! So I tend not to visualize where I’m going to be, but what I’m going to do! I see myself with multiple fitness certification and specializations, going back to school to get my MBA or maybe a masters in Physiology. Running (and hopefully winning!) a few races, living in a place where I’m happy with people I love. Oh, and Mia is obviously there! I don’t know where this crazy ride will take me, but I know I’ll work hard and have fun doing it!

bC: What is a piece of advice that you live by?

Ash W: Let go of others people’s opinions + start living for your happiness! We live in a world where we are judged by our Instagram following, what designer shoes we’re wearing, or if we’re on the latest trends. Live your life the way you want & OWN IT! When you’re confident about your choices, no one can challenge them!

bC: How important do you think work-life balance should be for a working woman, and what are your tips to achieve this?

Ash W: Balance is everything, female or not. It’s so easy to live by our to-do list or feel the need to immediately respond to our never ending inboxes. But whats the point of all the hard work if we don’t get to enjoy it?!  Balance, in every area of life: workouts, food, working— all needs to be balanced!

bC: What’s your favorite dish at by CHLOE.?

Ash W: The impossible question!!! How does one choose?! But I’m a Mexican food lover, so the quinoa taco is definitely a go-to! You’ll also never catch me without a side of sweet potato fries… YUM!!

bC: What does “Eat well. Eat with purpose.” mean to you? 

ASH W: Simple, yet powerful. We all want to eat well, but when we ask ourselves how the food we’re eating is serving our bodies it makes it that much more meaningful.




Nickname? Ash or ADUB

Emoji that best describes you? ??⚡️

Favorite place on earth? Amalfi Coast!

Cocktail of choice? Not a drinker— so matcha it is!

Top 3 restaurants (excluding by CHLOE. of course!)? Catch, Cecconi’s in Dumbo, 4 Charles, Sushi on Jones

Favorite food? Sushi & Mexican!

Top 3 favorite fashion brands? Does Nike count? 😉 Rag & Bone, & Reformation

Early bird or night owl? Early bird for SURE!

Choice super hero power? Flying!

Go-to workout? Running + HIIT Training

Juice or smoothie? Smooooothie!

3 objects you can’t live without? My mini Aussie, Mia!, my Rumble Beats Headphone (music included!) and my Nike sneakers!

Whatcha readin’? My Corrective Exercise Specialization textbook ?