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We at by CHLOE. are huge art-lovers (have you seen our Instagram page?!), and are THRILLED to be a part of The Armory Show for the second year. For those of us who think The Armory is a show of different people’s arms, let us explain what you can expect…

The Armory Show is an interactive program of talks, events, art installations and screenings hosted at the world renowned art fair! This event brings together over 200 of the most influential galleries from 30 countries around the world. You name it…they’ll probably have it! From established masters to the next generation of emerging artists, you will see a full range of amazing work at this event. So whether you’re trying to fill that white space in your living room, are looking to do some grade-A people watching, or simply are an art appreciator, this is an event that you shouldn’t miss out on! Plus, by CHLOE. has a pop-up restaurant there…so…like….duh you’re coming.

Image via C-Space+Local. “The Gallery” by Wang Xin.



Wang Xin

Xin’s installation art uses bold slogans and often times the color pink, to feature themes of unconsciousness, art world systems and post-humanism. You can’t miss her pink neon-lit room exhibit this weekend.

Jeffrey Deitch

You don’t need a ticket to view this super-sized installation of a line of immigrants, which will be positioned outside of the fair’s entrance.

Federico Herrero

We love color, and Federico’s work fulfills all of our technicolor needs. Check out his work at the Sie Shoeke gallery.

Marc Dennis

Let’s get real… hyper-real. Marc Dennis’ hyper-realistic art are infused with pop and urban culture. We can’t get enough of the sense of humor and irony that this Brooklynite brings into his anti-traditionalist masterpieces.

Richard Jackson

Referred to as a Neo-Dadaist, Richard Jackson creates theatrical, experimental art. From painting to sculpture to installation, everything about Richard’s work is extreme, and we LOVE it.

Berndnaut Smilde

This Amsterdam-based visual artist is known for making “miniature clouds in spaces around the world.” #DREAMY. Check out his work at the Ronchini Gallery pop-up.


Come check us out! We have all your plant-based needs to re-fuel after a day of art-gazing. See you at our pop-up at Pier 92, at The Central Lounge, next to the Tesla Lounge!



WHEN: March 8th – 11th

WHERE: Piers 92 + 94 (711 12th Ave, New York, NY 10019)

WHY: More like…WHY NOT!?


1. Free shuttle busses to and from the fair from select hotels

2. Tickets are starting at $25 – you can buy them HERE

3. Strollers are allowed

4. Pets are not allowed

We can’t wait to see ya there!