CBD brownie with CBD oil and smoke cloud


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by CHLOE. x CAP Beauty

This 4/20, travel to your highest state- with our limited edition dessert, The Daily Hit Brownie.

Cannabidiol or “CBD” is all the rage these days. Without the THC (the stuff in weed that makes you high), CBD is 100% legal, and is proven to have stress-reducing qualities (just to name one benefit). To celebrate 4/20, we’ve teamed up with clean beauty brand, CAP Beauty, to create a “weed brownie” using their top-selling CBD oil, “The Daily Hit.” Our chocolate brownie with a weed-leaf fondant is baked with the perfect dosage of CBD, to satisfy that chocolate craving, and “lift your day higher.”

Questions? We’ve got answers. CAP Beauty Co-Founder and CEO, Kerrilynn Pamer told us everything we need to know about this magic oil. Also, don’t miss our interview with Kerrilynn, and her partner in crime/ CAP Beauty Co-Founder, Cindy Diprima. We chatted about their mission to help customers reach their most beautiful, radiant self. Read it here!

Try “The Daily Hit Brownie” at SWEETS by CHLOE., located at 185 Bleecker Street in NYC, from April 20th- April 22nd. 



by CHLOE.: Okay let’s start from the beginning. What da heck is CBD oil!?

Kerrilynn Pamer: Our Daily Hit oil is unique because it is an adapotogenic + CBD oil. CBD oil is just like other essential oils, it can be extracted using techniques ranging from the centuries old to the ultra modern. The CBD oil utilized in The Daily Hit is as close to its natural form as possible, and is sourced from both industrially certified and small batch growers from around the world!

bC: Will it get me high?

KP: It will not make you high! Our product contains zero THC.

bC: How does this stuff work?

KP: All cannabinoids (which include both CBD and THC!) work by attaching themselves to certain receptors in the body to produce their infamous feel-good effects. The body produces certain cannabinoids on its own, and has two receptors for them: CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are mostly found in the brain, and deal with things like coordination, movement, pain, emotions, mood, thinking, appetite and memories. These are the receptors THC attaches to. CB2 receptors are mostly found in the immune system, and have an effect on inflammation and pain. These are the receptors that the CBD in The Daily Hit attach to.

bC: Why should we take it?

KP: Cannabidiol is known to have potent anti-inflammatory effects, a friend to body and soul. In addition to CBD, The Daily Hit includes adaptogens like Red Reishi and Schisandra Berry to support immunity, Mucuna Pruriens to encourage a good mood and high vibes all around, and Sea Pearl to beautify and promote an otherworldly glow from within. CBD works synergistically with these other ingredients. In a way CBD supercharges the other ingredients, making what are already effective blends even better.

bC: And its LEGAL!?

KP: Yes, our product contains zero THC. To dig a bit deeper, hemp is considered the male, non-THC producing plant. Marijuana is considered the female, THC producing plant. The CBD we use, to be legal to sell worldwide, is sourced entirely from industrial hemp. We do not use marijuana extracts as they cannot legally leave the state where they are manufactured for interstate sale.

bC: Are there any risks involved with consuming CBD?

KP: If you have concerns, we recommend consulting with your healthcare practitioner. In terms of dosage, a ½ teaspoon delivers the recommended amount needed to help you adapt to physical and mental stress. CBD, like adaptogens, does not have a dose-dependent benefit. Should you feel that you require more, you can increase your dosage as needed; however, we don’t recommend exceeding 3 doses per day.

bC: Can I travel with it?

KP: You sure can!

bC: Can I take it if I’m preggers?

KP: We recommend consulting with your health-care practitioner before adding new foods into your diet.

bC: Will it make me hungry (aka munchies)?

KP: It will not! The Daily Hit contains CBD which attaches to CB2 receptors that have an effect on the immune system, inflammation and pain, versus THC which attaches to the receptors that affect mood and appetite.

bC: Should I give it to my kids??

KP: We recommend consulting with your health-care practitioner before adding new foods into your family’s diet.



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