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Q+A with Founder Pamela Hirsch

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, and as we spend some (very well deserved) time dedicated to appreciating our moms, it’s important to remember that parenthood doesn’t always come easy. Infertility is a disease that affects approximately 1 in 8 women, and procedures including IVF, and surrogacy are too expensive for many. To honor and help all aspiring parents, the by CHLOE. team created a special cupcake, available at all restaurants, nationwide. 50% proceeds will be donated to Baby Quest Foundation– an organization dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams of parenthood, by providing fertility grants to those who cannot afford the costly procedures.

We chatted with founder, Pamela Hirsch about her mission, and got to share cupcakes and air-baked fries with her daughter and 2 granddaughters- a lovely family affected but not defined by infertility challenges.

All May long, help support Baby Quest Foundation by visiting any by CHLOE. USA locations and purchasing our Mother’s Day Cupcake (a gorgeous chocolate cake cupcake topped with violet frosting, pastel non-pareils and a yellow fondant flower).

PS! Interested in applying for a grant? Baby Quest Foundation is currently accepting new applications- now through May 23rd! Get more information on their website here.



by CHLOE.: Introduce yourself.

Pamela Hirsch: My name is Pamela Hirsch and I am founder of Baby Quest Foundation. Before 2011, I knew little or nothing about infertility, but that has certainly changed.

bC: What inspired you to start Baby Quest Foundation?

PH: For four years, I witnessed our younger daughter’s struggles to have a child….multiple miscarriages after IVF’s (In-Vitro Fertilization) procedures and finally two daughters, each carried by a surrogate. Although our family was able to help financially, I realized that too many are “stranded” with no hope of having children because they lack the funds to pursue assisted reproduction.

bC: Tell us about your career path- what were you doing before founding Baby Quest?

PH: Certainly nothing connected to infertility. My first career was as a teacher….briefly. Then I was owner of a branch of The Princeton Review, a national test prep company to prepare students for the SAT and graduate exams. I am also a certified Pilates instructor.

bC: Tell us about the work you do at Baby Quest- what is the grant process like?

PH: We have two grant award deadlines yearly– May and November. The process to select recipients is exhausting and difficult because there is never enough money to help all the applicants who are deserving. However, the joy that we bring to those who receive grants makes the effort so worthwhile.

bC: What are ways that everyone can help support Baby Quest?

PH: Obviously, people can donate, which is tax deductible! They can attend our events such as hikes and galas. They can donate their time since we are a completely volunteer charity. They can also talk about infertility and help destigmatize this condition so that women and men who are battling infertility know they are not alone….that infertility is a “disease” not an embarrassment.

bC: Where do you see yourself, and your business in 5 years?

PH: I want to have helped hundreds more couples (currently we have awarded 79 grants with 56 babies produced). We’ve just passed the one million dollar mark in grants (cash and cash equivalents such as free medications, discounted doctor fees, waived legal fees.) Hopefully, that will double at least. I want to have a “gathering” of all the Baby Quest families. Although they are spread throughout the country, it has been such a delight to have met a few of them. To see them all together would be such a treat.

bC: Where can you be found during your free time?

PH: Watching pro sports…preferably football or hiking at the beach.

bC: What is a piece of advice that you live by? 

PH: Anything is possible.




Favorite place on earth? Anywhere with my family.

Cocktail of choice? Vodka Martini.

 Top 3 restaurants (excluding by CHLOE. of course!)? Katsuya Lupa, Forma (Santa Monica).

Early bird or night owl? Early bird.

 Choice super hero power? Mind control…getting people to do what I want them to do!

Go-to workout? Running, spinning, hiking, Pilates…sorry I need variety and depends upon the day.

3 objects you can’t live without? Shoes, cell phone, purses.

Whatcha readin’? Meg Wolitzer’s, “The Female Persuasion.”

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