pink flower bush on top of house with two green doors


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Roses are red, and pink, and yellow, and white...

Dear all happy-place seekers, romance-seekers, nature-lovers and Instagram-content finders…

Madonna was right. Heaven is a place on earth, and heaven is Rose Story Farm– an idyllic, family-run farm located in the small town of Carpenteria, California in Santa Barbara County. With rows and rows of 25,000 rose bushes, and over 120 varieties (who KNEW!?), this little slice o’ heaven will fulfill all the above fantasies. There are winding little walking paths for wandering among the flowers and sniffing out the heavenly scents. Avocado, lemon and clementine (and sometimes a confused avo-lemon) bushes, succulents and palm trees are sprouted everywhere else. Beware- humming and skipping are inevitable bodily reactions if you find yourself at Rose Story Farm.

Along with a large, 18th century farm house with a majestic, Slim Arrons-y pool (that can be rented for epic weddings and parties), there are little cottages that flock the property. One cottage is famous for having housed famed chef, Julia Child! The farm even named a rose after her (a yellow type that smells like butter…how appropriate). That being said, Rose Story Farm has had its fair share of time in the spotlight throughout the years. It’s been featured in lots of home décor and gardening magazines, including Better Homes & Gardens, and Wall Street Journal. It’s beautiful setting has also been the backdrop for many a fashion shoot.

Ready to leave your life behind and go? Not so fast. Unfortunately, due to the tragic wildfires in the area earlier this year, the farm is no longer taking tours from the public! But stay tuned on their (amazing) Instagram for news!