Purple Smoothie with green butterflies graphic


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Move over green. BLUE is having a moment in the health-food spotlight. We’re talking about the Butterfly Pea Flower. Meet the muse behind our delicious new smoothie, Butterfly Effect – with Butterfly Pea Flowers, Banana, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds and Oat Milk. Here is everything you should know about this blue (da ba dee) herb.


Wait…am I eating a butterfly?!?!

Omg. NO! The Butterfly Pea Flower is a beautiful blue flower that originated in Southeast Asia. People there have been drinking it and cooking with it for centuries. We WISH we could’ve been reaping the benefits for that long but hey, better late than never.


So, what is the Butterfly “Effect” you speak of?

Don’t worry – it won’t turn you into a giant blue ball a la Violet Beauregarde. This hue of indigo blue is crazy good 4 U. We could talk about it’s health benefits longer than Kayne on a Twitter rant, so here’s just some of our favorites…

– Forever Young! This herb is essentially a youth time machine. The Butterfly Pea Flower is packed with powerful antioxidants like Proanthocyanidin and Anthocyanin. From physical rewards like increased collagen in skin, reduction of grey hair and balding, to eyesight you haven’t had since pre-iPhone, people will think your Benjamin Button-ing.

– Brain Blast! Studies have shown that the flower has neurological benefits such as calming, anti-stress, anti-depression and memory-enhancing effects.

– Puff, Puff, Pass. Are you asthmatic, and your inhaler just isn’t cutting it? Seep the dried flowers in water, and try a cup of tea to reduce respiratory irritation. FUN FACT: Squeeze a little lemon and watch the blue liquid change color like your 90’s mood ring never (actually) could.


We know what you’re thinking, “A drink that will have you lookin’ and feelin’ good, but is also highly Instagramable?! This blue is too good to be true.” Luckily for you there’s no need to speculate. Try our Butterfly Effect Smoothie, available at all by CHLOE. locations, and see for yourself!