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Commuting is fun…said no one ever. Between dodging cabs, sitting in traffic and dealing with train delays, it truly is no easy feat. Even if you’re in-transit to your next vay-kay, the journey to “out of office” can be straight up, miz. We would love for our fairy godparents to bippity-bopity-boo our train, bike or car into a BLADE helicopter, but we can’t wait forever. So, with our heads down and earphones in, we do what we gotta do, to get where we gotta go.

LISTEN UP! We know how to make any travel time easy peasy, by CHLOE. Lemon Square squeezy.

Podcast’s…so hot right now. There’s a reason why podcasts are gaining popularity faster than #inmyfeelings. We gathered the best of the best to help you forget the fact that you’re squashed between two strangers, or your AC broke in bumper to bumper traffic en route to The Hamptons. Ergo, press pause on Drake’s ? new album and tune in, to these!


My Favorite Murder

Fan of true crime, and true comedic banter? Not a typical combo but trust us, you’ll love this podcast with the tag line, “Stay Sexy. Don’t Get Murdered.” Every week BFF hosts Karen Kilgariff, and Georgia Hardstark share their favorite true crime stories, and talk about other totally random things. Despite the terrifying tales, their repertoire will keep you HIGHLY amused.

Getting Curious with Johnathan Van Ness

Binged watched your way through Season 1 and 2 of Queer Eye? Same. While we may not have the whole fab five to keep us entertained, Johnathan Van Ness still serves that same realness we know and love. Tune in to learn, laugh, and love everything and anything JVN is interested about. That’s why his hair is so voluminous….its full of curiosity.

Dirty John

Chills on chills on chills. Work your way through this chilling non-fiction narrative of a successful woman who was looking for love yet found “the most devious, dangerous, and deceptive” compulsive conman instead. WHERE IS THE LOVE?!

Up First

Think The Skimm but without the strain on your eyes. Get everything that you need to know in just 10 minutes. Short, sweet, and well-informed.

How I Built This

Get inspired, and get serious about that “crazy” idea of yours. All-knowing NPR host, Guy Raz chats with entrepreneurs behind some of the most successful start-ups. Think: Lululemon, Bumble, Spanx, Patagonia, Instagram and Teach For America. Not only is this podcast captivating, you’ll have enough Fun Facts in your pocket to last you a lifetime.


There is nothing quite like catching up with an old friend, which is exactly what listening to the Man Repeller podcast feels like. Founder Leandra Medine is known for her unparalleled, totally original style, and unwavering ability to keep it real. Listeners are in for an honest, intelligent and witty conversation with interesting guest speakers.

The High Low
They say, curiosity killed the cat, but we can’t help it. We gotta know everything there is to know, which is why The High Low is our place to go. We got a chance to have coffee with the hosts during a visit to the by CHLOE. UK locations, and became instant fans. Dolly Alderton and Pandora Skyes break down pop-culture, news and other relevant, controversial stories, week after week.

One Quick Thing

Nellie Diamond created a business out of her love for “all things cozy.” Hill House Home is a one-stop destination for gorgeous, quality bedding- helping you achieve the best snooze of your life. To make the most out of your waking hours, listen to Nellie’s podcast for business and life tips such as “How to Negotiate.”