Adaptogenic Mushroom Ice Coffee

Adaptogenic Mushroom Iced Coffee

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Serves 1

We’re SHROOMIN’ over here!!! Mushrooms have been a tool in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years, but we’re just starting to incorporate them into our diet, specifically in our COFFEE! We’re loving the idea of taking wellness to the next level, by adding adaptogens to our morning cup o’joe. In this DIY Adaptogenic Mushroom Iced Coffee, we’ve added cordyceps– a “super mushroom” that has some pretty awesome powers. Cordyceps help to support our immune system, manage our body’s stress response, reduce fatigue, and even boost sex drive. As if you needed another reason to be excited to wake up in the morning (does anyone else go to bed excited for that first sip of coffee in the AM?).

No- we’re not grinding up leftover mushrooms from dinner and throwing it in the Nespresso, but it’s almost as easy as that! Mushroom supplements now come in capsules and powder form, so all you have to do is pour some in your favorite coffee blend, and give it a mix.

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Recipe and image courtesy of by CHLOE. Chef Contributor, Lauren Kretzer. 


1 cordyceps mushroom capsule (we like Host Defense)

½ cup strong-brewed coffee, room temperature or chilled

¼ tsp vanilla extract

1 pinch ground cinnamon

1 tsp pure maple syrup (optional)

crushed or cubed ice

1/3 cup un-sweetened almond milk (or non-dairy milk of choice)


Brew coffee.

Let coffee come to room temperature and/or chill for several hours in the refrigerator before next steps.


Break open cordyceps mushroom capsule and pour the contents into a 16oz mason jar. Discard plastic capsule coating.

Pour in brewed coffee, vanilla extract, cinnamon and pure maple syrup.

Cover with lid and shake vigorously until well-combined.


Add enough ice to fill the jar ¾ full.

Pour in almond milk.

Serve immediately.