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YOGA N’ BRUNCH, ANYONE?! Raise your hand if your ideal Saturday is enjoying a Smoothie Bowl or Sunrise Burrito after a hard workout…

Here at by CHLOE., we are big fans of workin’ on our fitness (ahem, Rumble, Shadowbox, Pilates and more). Now that we’re in the UK, (have you visited our Covent Garden and Tower Bridge locations, yet?), we’ve been checking out all that London has to offer re: gyms and studios! We haven’t been disappointed. One of our favorite places to get our sweat on is Another Space Studio. This place is so much more than just “another space.” It’s your one stop destination for yoga, cycling and HITT. Get strong and toned, enjoy a smoothie or juice from their snack bar, and ya don’t have to worry about those annoying membership fees that seem to rob you of your well earned DOUGH.

Join us on Sunday, September 23rd for a special brunch with Another Space! We’re doing their 10am Yoga60 Class, followed by a stroll over to our Covent Garden location for some well-deserved by CHLOE. GRUB! Make sure to see their website, for ticket purchasing details.

In the meantime, check out our Q+A with Another Space cycling instructor, Alison Early, and get inspired!



by CHLOE.: Hi Alison! Thanks so much for chatting with us. Please introduce yourself.

Alison Earley: Hi I’m Alison, I’m a professional dancer and I teach cycle at Another Space.

bC: Not only are you a cycle instructor, you are a professional dancer! What came first, and why did you decide to add another sport to your repertoire?

AE: I have been a performer since a young age and started working professionally at 19 in the dance industry. A friend of mine posted a video about 3 years ago of her doing an amazing workout to the beat on a bike and I fell in love. From that moment I was determined to make it part of my career.

bC: What are the physical and mental benefits of cycling that one might not get from another workout?

AE: Definitely the atmosphere I like to create in the studio. The mental strength comes from playlist I put together that will take you on a journey physically and emotionally to find self empowerment, focus and push you to your full potential.

bC: Talk to us about your personal coaching style? What can we expect from one of your classes?

AE: I can be described as a pocket rocket! I am extremely energetic and fiery, I love to give my riders as much of my positive vibes as possible, getting the whole room to move together and unite.

bC: Another Space has a huge following, and growing. Why do you think your fans always come back for more? 

AE: I would say my playlist for sure, music is my first love and gives me all the motivation which I think is translated through my class and my energy. Another Space definitely has that community feel which makes it easy to build relationships with my riders.

bC: As an athlete, how important is diet and nutrition in your daily life?

AE: With my lifestyle being so physical, some days I’m dancing all day as well as teaching up to 16 cycles a week. Fueling my body is imperative, making sure I get all the right nutrients and vitamins. For me drinking water is absolutely key. I am a massive believer in everything in moderation and a healthy balance, I love to eat well and keep fit however I’m partial to a cheeky cocktail when I can.

bC: What’s your favorite dish at by CHLOE.?

AE: My favourite dish at by CHLOE. is for sure the Pesto Meatball Sub (the Chipotle Aioli is amazing)!! I have such a sweet tooth so had to have the Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcake….if you know you know.

bC: Where can you be found in your free time? Any hobbies?

AE: When I can, I get my self to dance class. I’m always keeping up on my training and growth as dancer. Taking long walks with my little sausage dog, so nice to have time to myself and clear my mind. But If I have free time to chill out then you’ll find me on my sofa online shopping.



Nickname? Ally.

Favorite place on earth?  My bed.

Secret talent? Twerk in a headstand.

Early bird or night owl? Deffo night owl.

3 favorite restaurants? Ethos, Wagamama and obviously by CHLOE.

Choice super hero power? To be indestructible.

Juice or smoothie?  Smoothie.

3 objects you can’t live without? My phone, my whole makeup bag and of course my AS water bottle.

Whatcha readin’? I’ve just started reading Mindfulness Plain and Simple.