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Q+A W/ Founder, Jess Young

If Silicon Valley and Le Cordon Bleu had a baby, it would be Jessica Young‘s twin. Having worked at successful food start-ups with strong digital structures like Daily Harvest, and trained professionally at culinary school, Jess has a specific skill set that is insanely relevant in today’s world. With her knowledge in these fields, Jess went out on her own to found Bubble– an online retailer for healthy food. Bubble makes healthy snaking super easy by curating delicious, tested and trustworthy items for you, and sending them to your door (in extremely cute packaging- might we add).

Bubble‘s vegan assortment is NOT to be missed. We love it, and all the amazing brands they work with, so much that we’re kicking off a monthly LOOKIN’ LIKE A SNACK series, where Jess and her team round-up their favorite vegan snacks monthly for us! Check out this month’s here, and our Q+A with the loveeellllyyy Jess, below!

Hi Jess! Thanks so much for chatting with us. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Jessica Young, I’m the founder and CEO of Bubble, a curated e-commerce marketplace for health food. Think the curation of Erewhon meets the platform of Farfetch, where products ship straight from vendors to customers.

What is your mission with Bubble, and what inspired you to start your own company?

I’m on a mission to make better quality, healthy food more accessible. I want to turn big food brands and retailers upside down. Our mission at Bubble is to create a game changing, informed, safe, innovative, easy and fun place for health food where the source and ingredients of the food we eat is 100% transparent.

Tell any newbies out there how Bubble works! What is the curation process like?

We get product recommendations from all over, we have our own favorites, but get approached every day with samples being sent to our office of new things to sell on Bubble! We try everything that gets sent to us to make sure it’s delicious, but also that it abides by our Bubble approved criteria before anything is sold through our platform. That weeds out a lot of fluff. No preservatives, artificial or high glycemic sugars, etc. will ever be found. Clean label products only.

How/why would you say your passion for food began?

Food is my life. More importantly, quality food is my life. I dropped out of college to go to cooking school. I was studying biochemistry on a pre med track in college, but was ignited by the food scene in NYC as soon as I took a tour of cooking school and wanted to be totally immersed.

Tell us about your career as a chef, and at Daily Harvest and Chobani? What were some big learnings from these experiences?   

Once I left college for cooking, I feel in love and ended up cooking my way up into the best kitchens in NYC. Biggest learning behind the stove was a sense of urgency, timing and priority. When running service you have to get things done and out the door. Who knew years later, the same skillset would be so useful in startups!

At Daily Harvest I was head of Product and Operations, and now serve as an advisor. As the first employee, my biggest learning lesson was how to build a fast growth company from the ground up.

Where do you hope to see your brand within the next 5 years?


Where can you be found in your free time? Any hobbies?
You can usually find me cooking for friends and family. I love to make things that take a long time— handmade pastas, kimchi and pickles, etc. That or trying to make time to exercise with my trainer Garnett Strother.



Nickname? Young Money.

Favorite place on earth? Anywhere along the Mediterranean.

Favorite meal (that you cook)? Lately, black pepper rye pasta.

Secret talent? I can play the Violin.

Early bird or night owl? Night owl.

3 favorite restaurants? That’s way too hard to choose! Sticking to New York and recent picks for the purpose of this exercise. Uncle Boons, Taco Mix on 116th, and Lillia.

Choice super hero power? Fly.

Juice or smoothie? Daily Harvest Smoothie.

3 objects you can’t live without? Phone, vitamix, sea salt.

Whatcha readin’? The Autobiography of Gucci Mane  and Leaders Eat Last.