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Recently, we’ve been blabbering a lot about our FEELZ by CHLOE. launch (oh, I’m sorry- did you miss this Eater article?). Here at by CHLOE., we’re strong believers in the benefits Cannabidiol- so much so that we’ve created an entire line of CBD-infused food and treats. We want to bring CBD to the mainstream and hope a part of a larger conversation. Ask any q’s here You’re going to love the taste of our popcorn, cakes, whoopie pies, brownies, granola and more, all infused with Toast’s full spectrum CBD oil that can help relieve anxiety, jitters, and make you feel the FEELZ!

With greatness comes responsibility, which is why we decided to partner with our friends, Nice Paper, to support our FEELZ launch. Co-founders Marta and Charlotte are the cream of the (marijuana) crop when it comes to letting us know WHAT’S GOOD with CBD (just check their amazing, easily understandable CBD Fact Sheet). With Nice Paper’s expertise, you can feel (nice and) safe consuming our dairy-free, plant-based FEELZ!

Check out our Q+A with Nice Paper Co-founders, Marta and Charlotte, below!

Photo: Dylan Warmack


Photo: Dylan Warmack


Hi Charlotte + Marta! Thanks so much for chatting with us. Please introduce yourself.

Hi there, we’re the founders of Nice Paper. Marta is our Creative Director and Charlotte heads up Editorial with both of us tackling partnerships.


What is the mission of Nice Paper, and what inspired you to create a career out of cannabis education?

Cannabis is largely misunderstood in America and it’s had very real and damaging consequences for entire communities and healthcare. In the 40’s studies were done by the Republican party conclusively finding that cannabis isn’t any more dangerous than many substances that are currently available to Americans and, in some instances, are less dangerous. Cannabis is illegal not in service of public safety—it’s politics. We’re passionate about reversing the stigma and harm that’s been done.

Once you see what cannabis and non-psychoactive compounds like CBD can do to help people that are in pain, it’s hard to be interested in anything else. What started off as a passion project has turned full time.


What were you both doing before founding Nice Paper? How did you two lovely ladies meet!?!

We met the way many good friendships and partnerships start, over a meal. That lead to more hanging out and one evening we realized no one was writing about or talking about weed the way we did—as something that made our lives better and more productive. That THC is only one of the 100+ compounds found in the cannabis plant… that many have the potential to be therapeutic.

Charlotte: Before Nice Paper I was working at Snapchat as their editorial lead. In January 2015 I launched Cosmopolitan’s Snapchat Discover and after a year of running editorial I ended up working for Snapchat to take my success from that platform and help them launch partners both in the US and internationally developing best practices and how to create engaging content on new platforms while freelance writing. Before my Snapchat life I was at Hearst Media driving content strategy for some of their biggest magazines, I’ll never forget explaining to Cosmopolitan’s print team that you could actually sell Instagram posts to brands, looking back I’ve realized I’m always a person who advocates for what’s new and has incredible potential—whether it’s a platform or a plant.

Marta: I studied textiles and I landed my first full-time job as a fabric assistant when I was still a junior in college. I thought that would accelerate my career but I just ended up jumping from fashion job to fashion job for 6 years. I was never creatively fulfilled and pretty unhappy. My mom died when I was 23 and I launched two “side hustles” in lieu of grief therapy that turned into businesses: Hot Girls Eating Pizza (a tasteful social project, pun intended) and a private-label nail decal business that I named after my mom. I credit these projects for having developed my work ethic (as I did both of these endeavors while I maintained a full-time job, meaning all-nighters to produce nail decals or stacking up pizza dates, which was my version of a coffee meeting), introduced me to much of my network in LA and NY and made me realize I  was meant to be an entrepreneur. They also helped me land a job at Depop, where I introduced event programming and worked on partnerships in LA and NY. I learned a lot from working in a tech startup. It brought to the surface skills I didn’t even know I had, that now we apply to Nice Paper.


What has been your personal experience with CBD, and why do you recommend it to others?

At the end of the day, CBD is a chemical compound that a plant happens to produce and we see it as a gateway herb—it’s opened our minds to other plants that have healing potential.

We tend to use CBD either as a tincture or topical. When we’re feeling anxious or jittery from too much coffee, a dropperful of a 500mg+ CBD tincture helps calm our nerves. Topically we’ve anecdotally found it helps with skin texture and pain.

As CBD is non-psychoactive, people are much more open to it. Seeing someone’s face when they have arthritis and use a high-dose CBD cream is incredible. We recommend it when you’re dealing with mild-to-acute pain topically for localized relief and when you need to take some of the edge off (oral ingestion).


Nice Paper’s branding is beautiful! Your aesthetic is completely new and different compared to other cannabis businesses in the marketplace. How important is branding and imagery to your company?

We both come from worlds where branding meant everything. Whether it’s the layout of a magazine, the typography used in a video, or the content you shoot for a brand design is the entry point for trust. We back that up with research, speaking to scientists in the space, and product producers.

First impressions matter, we want ours to make you feel nice and then get into education and community.


Talk to us about any current challenges you are facing?

The government. Buzzfeed News uncovered a propaganda report the government is issuing even Hemp Legalization has been tacked on to a Farm Bill by extreme conservatives like Mitch McConnell. When you see bipartisan approval for something, which is a rarity these days, you have to wonder why there’s still so much misinformation propagated by the highest echelons of government. We love Jersey, Marta is from Jersey, but you have to ask how progressive New York actually is in policy when states like Massachusetts and New Jersey are ahead of us.

Stigma is still frustrating. People associating us as being “exceptions” in cannabis when, really, most successful people we know use some form of plant-based healing 🙂


Where do you hope to see Nice Paper and cannabis culture in general, within the next 5 years?

Nice Paper is our education platform, we are in the process of researching a product line we will be launching in the next year 🙂

In 5 years hopefully we’ll have more research, right now a lot of the evidence we have for cannabis is either preclinical or out of Israel and Canada. We’d love to see America be on the cutting edge of cannabis knowledge rather than misinformation.


Where can you be found in your free time? Any hobbies?

Charlotte: My kitchen, I’m obsessed with cooking and reading.

Marta: Moviepass.


Photo: Leslie Kirchhoff.



Nickname? Nice.

Favorite place on earth? The Mall.

Favorite meal (that you cook)? Roasted eggplant with tahini and pomegranate.

Secret talent? Cat eyes and funny captions.

Early bird or night owl? Night owl but we’ll early bird if there is coffee.

3 favorite restaurants? (if we can’t use by CHLOE. and Dez :)))….Lighthouse, Kreation, Williamsburg Pizza.

Choice super hero power? Mind control.

Juice or smoothie? Smoothie.

3 objects you can’t live without? Chapstick, Notebook, Snacks.

Whatcha readin’? The Power by Naomi Alderman and White Fragility by Robin J. DiAngelo.