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WHAT ARE YOU DOING THIS HALLOWEEN? Lost for ideas? Have no fear (literally), by CHLOE.‘s got your back!

Here’s our guide for how to do Halloween 2018 right in NYC & Boston. Whether you want to stay-in and cuddle up with some spooky snacks, throw on a costume and have a crazy night out on the town, or maybe take the kids apple picking…look no further. It’s gonna be a SCARY great time.


Don’t forget to binge on some delicious vegan Halloween candy!



New Yorkers! It’s that time of year when the city gets a little crazy. With so many parties and events happening, it can be stressful to choose the best ones. Lucky for you, we’ve chosen our favorites so listen up!

Village Halloween Parade – Starting on 18th and 6th and ending on Canal, catch NYC’s ~spookiest~ parade of the year!

Fleetmac Wood Presents Rhiannon’s Revenge – Head to Greenwich Village for a night of Fleetwood Mac remixes, served up by DJs Rozanne Roll and Smooth Sailing.

Boston lovers! Want to have a wicked awesome night? Head to La Fabrica Nightclub for their Let’s Get Spooky college banger!



For your Halloween day activity, take a trip outside the city for some apple picking and pumpkin patching. Reminder: most of these places are cash only!

Apple Dave’s Orchards & Applewood Winery – Head an hour and half north of Manhattan to Apple Dave’s Orchards & Applewood Winery. Take a wagon ride to the orchard or wander through the fields with your kids and pets on the the walking trail. And don’t forget to stop off at the orchard’s winery, which uses the farm’s own apples and vineyards to make special wines, ciders, and even apple vodka! Best bit – there are no admission or entertainment fees, just pay for the apples and pumpkins you pick!

Lawrence Farms Orchard – Head to Lawrence Farms Orchard for all the apples you could ever imagine! Fuji, Red Delicious, Cortland, Granny Smith… you name it! They’ve got it! Then book it back to your kitchen and make one of our amazing apple recipes, like this Apple Pie Smoothie or these Apple Cinnamon Pancakes!

Belkin Family’s LookOut Farm – Looking for a weekend get away Boston? Head to Belkin Family’s LookOut Farm with the kids, or a group of friends! On Halloween weekend, kids who come wearing their costumes will receive 50% off admission price!



Tired from your long work week or midterms and not feeling the Wednesday night vibes? Dodging kids with sugar-highs wearing ghost costumes can be tough. Stay in and watch a spooky movie instead. Here are our top pics for scary movies that will give ya a FRIGHT! In the mood for some sweets? Try our recipes for sweet potato donuts, candy corn, snicker bars, and peanut butter cups!

Silence of the Lambs – A classic! Starring a young Jodie Foster and a very creepy Anthony Hopkins.

Room 1408 – One of our favorite thrillers. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat!

A Simple Favor –  Head to the theatre for the newest Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick film. It’s pretty twisted…

The Chilling Adventures with Sabrina -Watch Netflix’s reboot of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, but with a darker twist.