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Q+A w/ Operations Manager at Man Repeller

Say hello to our new style hero, Crystal Anderson. You may have already spotted her on the streets of SoHo or NoLita, wearing some incredible, colorful and cooler-than-you’ll-ever-be outfit. You may have even already approached her, asking where she got her army green, utilitarian 10-pocketed fanny pack that she casually wears cross-body style (of course). The answer you may have already received? “Some little store in Brooklyn.” DUH. Time to swear off Zara once and for all…

One of the best parts about our collab with Man Repeller was having meetings with Crystal, so we could see her #OOTD. Just kidding (kinda)! Crystal is incredibly creative, detail-oriented, and has amazing ideas. She has helped oversee the entire production of the MR Holiday Buffet, and has worked closely with Matt Little to help the pop-up come to life!

Check out our Q+A with Crystal to learn more about this Southern chick, and what it’s like to work at Man Repeller.


By CHLOE: Hi Crystal! Thanks for chatting with us. Please introduce yourself!

Crystal Anderson: My name is Crystal, I’m from South Carolina and I’m pretty much an all-around clown, that’s into weird socks and all forms of absurdity!


bC: Tell us about your role in executing the Man Repeller Holiday 2018 Buffet?

CA: I’ve loved working on Buffet, because it’s all hands on deck! I’ve been involved in managing the production component of the physical build out and guest experience. I’m super excited to see it all come together!


bC: What excites you most about your job?

CA: Every day is soooo different!  One day, I’m on site, producing a co-branded event, the next I might be working on internal process management and later on that same day, you might catch Matt and I working on a full blown arts and crafts production projects!


bC: Tell us about your time at Refinery29! What inspired you to transition to MR?

CA: At Refinery, I produced celebrity and artists collaborations for 29Rooms. I’ve worked on almost every 29Rooms since it’s inception and it was awesome to see how the event series grew. I’m an early reader of MR and as soon as I saw that this position was available, I jumped on it! I really wanted to work with a brand that would allow me to use both my creative and logistical brain and work across the business and I’ve been able to do that at Man Repeller!!!


bC: You have an incredibly unique and fun style. How would you describe it? What inspires you?

CA: Truly, my style is like 16 year old hypebeast meets Grey Gardens!  I don’t wait for a special occasion to wear my clothes, so you can catch me in a ball gown and a basketball jersey on a Tuesday at the office!


bC: What do you do during your free time? Any hobbies?

CA: I’m always DOWN for vintage shopping!  I’m also working on a really cool line of t-shirts with my girlfriend, they’re so absurdly absurd and super RAD!  I also really like to watch TV (I’m a home body, what can I say?!) Jeopardy, The Good Place and The Office rule my life.


bC: Favorite part about living in NYC?

CA: I can literally be whoever I want to be!! Growing up in a small town, I always felt like I was under a microscope and here, no one even looks twice, when I walk around in one of my ridic outfits.


Photo by Emily Zirimis. Art Direction Suzanne Saroff. Courtesy of Man Repeller. 


Nickname? My family calls me “Christina” which is not my legal name and is longer than my actual name. My family is weird and I love them.

Favorite place on earth? My Dog’s Belly. Weird? Yeah, I know. But the look on her face when I rub her belly, is all that I need in this worldddddd!

Favorite meal? Fried Shad Roe & Rice – It’s super country/southern. We call it country caviar. I’ll spare you the details but google it. It’s fantastic!!!

Secret talent? Catching food in my mouth from far distances.

Early bird or night owl? Early Bird in theory, night owl in practice. I play that game where I lay in bed and look at my clock like “OK, if I go to sleep RIGHT now, I can get seven hours of sleep and then I do that for a few hours….”

3 favorite restaurants? Bao Haus, Fish on Bleecker AND Prince Street Pizza!

Choice superhero power? Nakia, Okoye, and Shuri from Black Panther!

Juice or smoothie? Strawberry/Banana Smoothie all day every day!

3 objects you can’t live without? My Dog, Really good ass socks, and earphones!