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Q+A w/ Man Repeller founder

Meet LEANDRA MEDINE COHEN! The founder of MAN REPELLER! The woman who captures the hearts of millions daily, through posts like this selfie with a poppy seed stuck in her teeth. The person that tells you it’s OK to leave the house wearing a silk button-down over a turtleneck with your hair tucked in plus biker shorts plus zip booties (see actual image here, then go forth and recreate).

Leandra has been encouraging the world to let individual, creative style (otherwise known as “freak-flags”), flourish and fly for years now, since starting her fashion blog in 2010. She has turned said blog into a brand/digital empire through innovative styling, fresh content, and her funny, familiar voice.

Okay, so it’s time to spill the good-no-great-no-SPECTACULAR news….The Man Repeller Holiday Buffet is popping up at Sweets by CHLOE. on Bleecker Street, THIS WEEKEND, ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop by for the opportunity to purchase this awesome gifting collection IRL (it’s been selling-out online!). The cherry on top? We’ve created a limited edition line of Man Repeller Sweets, that match perfectly. That’s right, IT’S A REAL BUFFET with glittery cupcakes, rooster cookies, wedding cakes and… ACCESSORIES!

Check out the collection here, and our Q+A with Leandra, below!


By CHLOE: Hi Leandra! Thanks for chatting with us. Congrats on the launch of Man Repeller Holiday 2018 Buffet! Tell us, where did the idea of a “buffet” come from?

Leandra Medine Cohen: Buffets are like personal style in that they lay all the options out in front of you and with zero judgment encourage to pick what you feel best suits your taste. Man Repeller’s accessories are here to do the same thing — let your style serve as the plate and allow for the accessories to iterate upon all the things you already know and like about yourself and perhaps in the process surprise you by teaching you that something you’d have previously considered definitively not your taste (maybe a tiger bag, maybe a plaid hat) could actually very well be “you.”


bC: Fact- you are a very skilled accessorizer. We are LOVING this collection of hats, barrettes, earrings and more. Talk us through the collection! Fave item?

LMC: They’re all my favorites — that’s why it’s so tight! I wanted to make all the warm weather accouterments that I always crave around this time of year, which is exactly what I did. I have been wearing the ear flap hat more frequently than I thought I would (it actually keeps my ears warm and tying it around my chin is so helpful on windy days), and while I was sure I’d be committed to the tiger print lunch pouch, it’s the black satin rooster that accompanies me most days. It matches everything, it’s small and therefore elegant, but still big enough to hold like, a pyrex and my notebook and therefore I can use it to go to work. If only commuter shoes fit in there.


bC: We are SO EXCITED to host your MR Holiday Buffet pop-up shop. What do you love about by CHLOE.?

LMC: Fast casual! Easy, no-brainer, often healthy nourishment choices. But more than that, its branded so particularly and specifically, and that aligns with the parts of me that are an aesthete.


bC: Having built a thriving company with many employees, how would you describe your leadership style?

LMC: It is a work in progress! I think it will always be so, but I like to think I am the kind of leader who empowers autonomy among the team members.


bC: Your twin girls are turning 1 in a few months! What’s the best part about being a mom? Has being a mother changed the way you approach your hectic work life?

LMC: It has in that the stakes of every time-related decision I make are much higher. The best part of being a mom is recognizing, truly, that the best things in life are also the hardest things. Lots of great things can exist without hardship, but the best can’t.


Photo by Emily Zirimis. Art Direction Suzanne Saroff. Courtesy of Man Repeller. 


Nickname? Malcolm Gladwell (I gave it to myself).

Favorite place on earth? My parents’ summer house.

Favorite meal? Pumpkin pudding with crushed walnuts in it (the b-fast of champs).

Secret talent? Managing to fit 5 barrettes into a single braid.

Early bird or night owl? Early bird.

3 favorite restaurants? I NEVER KNOW HOW TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION. How about three favorite cuisines: Greek, Japanese, Syrian.

Choice superhero power? Muting out the noise.

Juice or smoothie? Smoothie.

3 objects you can’t live without? My bed, my journal, this bracelet my husband gave me that has a sharp point, which I often use as a toothpick.