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Q+A w/ Head of Operations at Man Repeller

Matt Little is the type of person that after 5 minutes of meeting, you realize you might be in love.


It might be his contagious laugh, dimply smile or banana-shaped pencil holder that he brings to meetings, or maybe it’s his straight-up smarts. Matt’s creativity and problem-solving skillz WOW-ED us to the max.

Part of what made the Man Repeller Holiday Buffet x Sweets by CHLOE. collaboration so exciting for us at by CHLOE. was getting to meet Man Repeller’s incredible team. Check out our Q+A with Matt Little, Head of Operations. He’s been leading the relay race behind this new MR Holiday Buffet, ensuring that no detail is overlooked, and having fun while at it…


By CHLOE: Hi Matt! Thanks for chatting with us. Please introduce yourself.

Matt Little: Hiii – it’s Matt Little, Head of Operations at Man Repeller.


bC: We’re (obviously) obsessed with Man Repeller’s 2018 Holiday Buffet. Tell our readers about your role in executing this campaign?

ML: Part of my role at MR is helping bring new initiatives to life and as we’ve started venturing into product I’ve primarily been involved in developing our approach and building the executional plans to get to the finish line. There are a ton of moving pieces in a project like this and my job is to ensure we’re all working in lock-step and no batons are dropped in the process.


bC: What excites you most about your job?

ML: The people I work with, the community we’re building and the experiences I get to create.


bC: Where did you work before, and what lead you to MR?

ML: I was working at a video creation app and before that I was in Operations at BuzzFeed. In the process of figuring out my next career move I was introduced to Leandra and things evolved from there!


bC: What do you do during your free time? Any hobbies/interests?

ML: Bad reality TV, discos, junk food and party planning.


bC: Best thing about living in NYC?

ML: The energy.


Photo by Emily Zirimis. Art Direction Suzanne Saroff. Courtesy of Man Repeller. 


Nickname? Belle.

Favorite place on earth? My bed.

Favorite meal? Deli snacks.

Secret talent? Spotting doppelgängers.

Early bird or night owl? Night owl 100%.

3 favorite restaurants? Kumo Inn, Westville, Empanada Mama.

Choice superhero power? Teleportation.

Juice or smoothie? Juice.

 3 objects you can’t live without? To-do list, highlighter and my best friend.