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Q+A w/ North Shore Animal League

At by CHLOE., we are committed to making sustainable, plant-based diets and lifestyles more approachable for our audience and the WHOLE, WIDE, WORLD! While we strive to create delicious, hearty vegan dishes at our restaurants, our efforts towards sustainability don’t just stop there. We are also actively looking at different ways we can give back to our community, and partner with companies and organizations that share a similar ethos.

In November, we partnered with North Shore Animal League America, the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world. For every Gobble Gobble purchased, by CHLOE. will donate $1 to North Shore Animal League America. Through our partnership, we hope to spread the word of all the incredible things this organization does and furthermore, encourage our customers and audience to give back in the hopes of finding loving homes for homeless animals.

Check out our Q+A with North Shore Animal League America to learn more about the truly amazing work they do!


By CHLOE: Thank you for chatting with us! Tell us a little bit about yourself- your mission and what you do?

North Shore Animal League America: We are a national and international leader in the non-kill movement. North Shore Animal League America is committed to saving and rehabilitating the lives of homeless companion animals and educating the public about the joys and responsibilities of rescue. In an average year, we rescue, nurture, and adopt nearly 18,000 pets. Through local, national, and international partnerships, we rescue homeless animals from life-threatening situations. The teams of veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and shelter professionals ensure the care and rehabilitation of the rescued animals. Our adoption counselors and communications experts spread the message about adoptable animals and ensure great matches of people with pets. Our humane education program, Mutt-i-grees Curriculum, is used in 4,000 schools and libraries across the country teaching compassion and empathy and empowering students with social and emotional competence.


bC: What inspired your founders to start the North Shore Animal League America in 1944?

NSALA: Our founders were driven by a no-kill philosophy. They began rescuing homeless animals in and around the Town of North Hempstead, Long Island, New York.  With the purchase of two local homes, a shelter was built. Early on, the decision to follow a trajectory for no-kill rather than animal control defined the decades of leadership in this movement and generations of adopters who turned to North Shore Animal League America to bring pets into their families. Leaders of the organization have respected this focus and have innovated best practices of the no-kill movement, animal rescue, and sheltering care. Humane Relocation, Mobile Adoption Program, Cooperative Adoption Program, Spay USA, Foster Care, Anipals, and Mutt-i-grees Curriculum are programs of North Shore Animal League America showing the depth and breadth of our commitment to the founding principle of no-kill and rescue.


bC: How big of an issue are animal cruelty and homelessness in America? Across the world?

NSALA: Each year millions of homeless companion animals are put in shelters. Law enforcement responds to animal cruelty. Animal League America partners with shelters across the country through our Humane Relocation Program to transport animals to our adoption center for care and ultimate adoptions. By raising awareness of the value of animals and through our humane education program, we are working to reduce homelessness now and in future generations. Our Spay USA program provides low-cost spay neuter services to help control populations of unwanted births.


bC: What are the ways that people can get involved to prevent animal killings and homelessness?

NSALA:: The most direct action people can take is to adopt pets. For each pet adopted, two lives are saved – one is the adopted pet and the second is the one that can be rescued because there is space available. Ensuring that pets and strays that can be caught are spayed and neutured prevents future generations of unwanted animals. People who care about this important issue but are unable to adopt pets can still help save lives by making financial donations, volunteering, following and sharing our social posts, and for the teachers and parents – use the resources at to help educate and raise compassionate children. Our website has all the information about ways to get involved along with images of adoptable animals.


bC: What are the biggest challenges that your organization faces?

NSALA: Our overarching goal is to elevate the prestige of rescued pets. We work to show the public that these homeless companion animals make fantastic pets. Whether pure or mixed breeds, they are deserving of the chance to be loved and loving pets. North Shore Animal League America is a 501c3 charitable organization depending on private support to sustain our work. We do not receive government funding. So, as you might expect, securing monetary donations is paramount. This innovative collaboration with by CHLOE. helps to raise awareness, get pets adopted, and provides monetary support – a winning combination!


bC: by CHLOE. restaurants are so happy to partner with North Shore Animal League America. Please tell our customers more about your program and where their donations are going!

NSALA: The donations from the Gobble Gobble burgers promotion will help support our expansion project – Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. We are building an additional floor to our original one story adoption center. This new facility will have cage-free cat habitats allowing prospective adopters and the cats to get acquainted in more natural and comfortable settings. The expansion will allow us to have the felines on the second floor and canines on the first floor, thus further expanding our reach to rescue homeless animals. It is sure to become a community destination!